Season 6 Episode 8

The One with Ross's Teeth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1999 on NBC

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    Very creative :) you will laugh if you have a sense of humor
  • Phoebe makes out with the copy guy.

    Well, I guess you see more of Rachel's work life in this episode as Ralph Lauren, I see the bond that Rachel & Phoebe have now. Now that their roommates, I sense a lot of new plots coming in involving them, like this one for instance. Phoebe makes out with the copy guy, tells Rachel it was Ralph Lauren and Rachel tells her boss, which escalates in to a bunch of rumors going on in the office. Joey being turned in to a girl was funny. Ross's white teeth were funnier, I like how the girl freaked out when she saw them. Great.
  • Ross has really white teeth.

    This episode is again another funny episodes. The best part about it is that Ross put teeth whitener on his teeth and his teeth end up being glow in the dark. He always gets in these bad predicaments. It is so funny. Also, Joey is by being bothered about all the girly things in his apartment. It is funny though because by the end of the episode, he starts to enjoy everything. The other parts of the episode aren't really that great or memorable. I still enjoy it because of Ross' glow in the dark teeth and because Joey likes having a girly apartment.
  • a good episode

    Ross bleaches his teeth for a date with Monica's coworker. The only problem is that they now glow in the dark and totally freak her out. Chandler convinces Joey that Janine is trying to take over his apartment. Phoebe makes out with the copy guy at Rachel's office but rachael thinks it was ralph lauren because the guy said to pheobe that he was ralph lauren. Rachel spreads rumors about Phoebe but her boss thinks that Rachel slept with Ralph Lauren all ending in a huge travesty. and i would reccomend this episode to anyone as it is very good.
  • Ross bleaches his teeth for a date with Monica's co-worker. Chandler trys to convice that Janine is trying to take over his apartment. Rachel spreads rumors that Phoebe slept with her boss or what she thinks.

    It was a good episode but not one of my favorite of this season so far. I think it would be better if Ross didn't bleach his teeth because his date wouldn't really care! His date should of known that there was something weird with Ross. Phoebe is so funny not even knowing that the guy was her boss. Rachel is such a gossip and wants her other boss to like her. When Rachel said that she quit her other job a year ago I really don't think it was that long because wasn't that like the middle of season 5 or end and it is only the beginning of season 6. Hmmmm?
  • couldn't stop laughing

    This really is a classic, can watch it all the time. The way Ross always gets into these situations is unbelievable. And the way he boppes his head when he is offended by remarks of his friend is so typical. The reaction of Phoebe when she calls out "demon, demon"is hilarious. The part when he has diner with his date and hides his teeth behind a bread roll and just humms is so funny and crackes me up. In the end with the blacklight he thinks he is save but he is glowing in the dark and accuse this girl of living in the eighties or something.
  • Fantastic.

    One of the better episodes of season 6, the One With Ross's Teeth is filled with hilarity. Ross whitens his teeth for a date, but they become a bit brighter than usual... Phoebe makes out with Kenny the copy guy from Rachel's work, and she thinks he is Ralph Lauren. She tells Rachel and Rachel tells her boss, before she finds out it was Kenny. Chandler thinks Janine is turning Joey's apartment into a girl's place, but Joey ends up liking it. For once, Ross's storyline is probably the funniest; his date kept me laughing all the way through. Great episode.