Season 6 Episode 8

The One with Ross's Teeth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1999 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Monica: What happened to your teeth?
      Ross: I whitened them.
      Chandler: Really?
      Ross: Yeah... Whaddaya think?
      Monica: Well, uh, I think I shouldn't look directly at them.
      Ross: C'mon, seriously...
      Monica: Ross, they're really, really, really white!
      Chandler: Yeah, what was wrong with your old... human teeth?
      Ross: Well, I did leave the gel on a little longer than it said to.
      Monica: How much longer?
      Ross: Uh, uh.... a day.
      Monica: Ross, you know that tonight is your date with Hillary?
      Ross: I know! That's why I did it! C'mon, are they really that bad?
      Chandler: No... No-no-no, you'll be fine... Hillary's blind, right?
      Monica: (mostly to Chandler) She will be after tonight...