Season 3 Episode 23

The One with Ross's Thing

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 01, 1997 on NBC

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  • Under the average friends rating.

    I think this is one of the few examples of under-average episode in the third season of friends. In fact the comedy is good but not that great and the tension between Ross and Rachel, that is the underlying story making the third season so great, is gone. So we have to face with some comedy, mainly from phoebe and ross and then just wait for the endo of this season to get the emotions back to the "FRIENDS standard". Compared to non-friends shows (and to some seasons of friends too) the whole episode can still be re-evaluated... but not compared to the third season :)
  • "It's too wrinkly to be a mole.." "I need more pi!e" "If I wanted to see a fireman I would date one!"

    Monica thinks Pete is going to propose and think she might actually say yes. This was the best aspect of the Monica and Pete story line because it let Courtney Cox be really funny.

    Ross and the guru was really funny, and also created some hysterical moments between him, Joey and Chandler. David Schwimmer is great at playing "poor Ross". This was the season where I thought David really grew into his character, especially after Ross and Rachel broke up.

    Phoebe playing the field is also one of her funnier story lines. Kudrow makes great faces and this episode was no exception. She really is so funny here, but I found the actors that played her two men weak. You have to be exceptional to go up against Kudrow. But I found them to just be pretty faces.
  • Phoebe plays the field.

    Yes, this episode got a cliffhanger! Turns out Pete was never going to propose to Monica. Boy, she must of been disappointed when Pete told her this. He will join to become the UFC. That is the great cliffhanger. I like everyone's predictions about the wedding, especially Rachel's! Everyone being in their apartment was funny. Ross's thing on his but was also enjoyable to watch. Everyone not knowing what he has. Phoebe playing the field was great. Seeing that they both have great bodies, and their both sensitive. Then they both find out. Phoebe ends up with no one unfortunately. A great episode with a good cliffhanger.
  • I love Ross in this episode!!!

    This episode is all about Ross and his " skin abnormality":)), I really enjoyed it from the moment he came to Chandler and Joey and showed it to them over the part where all consilium was watching his ass, to the part where that funny doctor removed it accidentally with his watch. Phoebe was also funny trying to decide between 2 great guys. I liked the fireman more. Monica also had to decide if she wants to marry Peter or not even though he didn't ask her:).
    "Ross: At least they knew what yours was, yours had a name.
    Joey: Hey maybe they'll name yours after you, you know they'll call it- THE ROSS- and then people will be like -Ooo he has got Ross:( Ross: Yeah that would be cool":))