Season 4 Episode 23

The One with Ross's Wedding (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 07, 1998 on NBC

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  • An okay episode.

    It is really cool how excited Joey is about being in London and the map he has is really cool. I have never seen a pop-up map like that before and it would seem like a good idea until you get there and the places may cover the streets. But it is funny watching Joey trying to figure out what way they should go. Emily is her same annoying self. It seems like whereever Ross goes his bad luck follows him. This episode really isn't that interesting except for the fact that Chandler and Joey's storyline is funny, and Rachel ends up going to London. This seems like a filler episode before the actual wedding.
  • The season finale, part one.

    This was a great start of a season finale. It keeps me on the edge of my seat on what is going to happen next. Monica & Chandler sleeping with each other till the very end. That was the most surprising. Then Rachel going to prove her love for Ross. I agree with Phoebe, that is completely unfair for Ross. I like how they interpreted the pre-wedding jitters with the hall being torn down. That is just gravy. I also like when Ross does something sweet & fancies up the hall. I also like when Phoebe was trying to convince Rachel not to go to London. that is just amazing. Can't wait for part 2!
  • Monica freaks out about the London trip. Joey is annoying Chandler. Emily worrys about the wedding. Rachel stays so she can take care of Phoebe. Rachel decides to go to London but Phoebe doesn't think it is a good idea.

    Very good episode. The first part of the season 4 finale. Phoebe is funny with her and the hugs and having people get her stuff. I like how the spot Ross and Emily were getting married was torn down. Ross was angry because he didn't know what was wrong with his pants. Lol. Rachel admits she still loves Ross and Phoebe trys to get her over him because he loves Emily.Joey is embarrsing Chandler in London which was funny. The best part was at the end when Rachel leaves to go to London and Phoebe decides to stop her and she says i can't chase because i am carring a litter. That part was cool.
  • a good episode

    all of the friends except a pregnant pheobe and rachael head off to england for ross's and emily's wedding. joey annoys chandler over his love for going to london, and behaving like aproper tourist. chandler is also embarressed by joey so he leaves him to tour alone and eventually meets fergie who says that joeys hat is really sexy. emily worries about the wedding and ross reassures her after the church had been demolished. and emily tries to pospone the wedding and ross freaks, but advice from monica stops her and they have the wedding there. a good episode. lol.
  • Sooo funny!!!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the series, not only because I lived in London for a while and it was fun to go to the same places they went, but because this episode cracks me up... joey is at his best performance, pissing Chandler off all the time, and saying the most ultrageously funny thigs!!!
    Monica is great too helping Ross with Emily and all.... But the best part for me is Monica and Chandler in the hotel room, when they see each other naked for the first time!!! It is the funnies scene they did toghether!!!! Great episode!!!
  • I like this episode alot.

    The gang heads to London, for Ross's weeding. While rahcel stays home to take care of the pregenant Phoebea. Phoebea and Rachel talk about how Rachel is in love with Ross, but Rachel denies it. Ross finds out that the place where they're haveing the weeding is being knocked down. Emily wants to wait for it to be fixed, but ross doesn't. Joey starts to get homesick, and Chandler gets embarssed when he is with Joey. Ross decides to wait for it to get fixed. They make the place look better. Phoebea try's to stop Rachel from going to London and ruining the weeding. But Phoebea gets to the door and turns around saying "You think i'm gona chase you, i'm pregenant". With a rub on her stomach, the pregeant Phoebea closes the door.
  • Sitcoms have given us some terrific season finale cliffhangers. The stakes might not be as high as, say, THE WIRE but they're still good TV. No more so than "The One with Ross's Wedding".

    "A sitcom?" you gasp. That's right, a sitcom! Sitcoms have given us some terrific season finale cliffhangers. The stakes might not be as high as, say, THE WIRE but they're still good TV. No more so than "The One with Ross's Wedding". All season, Ross had been preparing to marry his British love Emily. Yet, we all knew his heart still belonged to Rachel (and who could blame him? Did you see her haircut?) The whole gang flew out to jolly ol' London to partake in Ross's wedding. Things were going beautifully until Ross totally dropped the ball, saying this at the alter:

    "I, Ross, take thee Rachel"

    Not Rachel, Ross, Emily! You're marrying Emily! Ouch dude, ouch.

    There's something cathartic about the shocked "ooooooooh" that rose through the studio audience. Maybe it was because we were doing the same thing at home. Was it that surprising? Well, not really. We all knew that somehow Ross and Rachel's relationship would stay in the forefront. Still, it was a clever twist. See, sitcoms can be good!
  • Great episode...Just loved it!!

    So they are all in London, except Phoebe and Rachel. Phoebe makes Rachel realize that she is still in love with Ross, and she rushes in London to say that to him. Emily is freaking about her wedding because nothing is going as she planed and Monica suggests that she postpone the wedding. Chandler and Joey are exploring London, Joey is very excited and that is annoying Chandler... One of the funniest moments for me was when Joey got into the map...
    "Joey: It's London, baby! All right, the hotel's here. (Points to the map.) Wait. No, we wanna go… No. I know. (Sets the map down.) I'm gonna have to go into the map. (So Joey literally steps into the map.)
    Chandler: Okay, if you see a little version of me in there? Kill it!
    Joey: I got it! (Picks up the map and starts walking.) Here we go.
    Chandler: Okay. Listen-listen, we're not gonna have to walk this way the entire time are we?
    Joey: Shhh! (Pause) Man, you made me lose it! (He goes into the map again.)"