Season 4 Episode 24

The One with Ross's Wedding (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 07, 1998 on NBC
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Phoebe tries to get in touch with someone to warn them that Rachel's on the way to the wedding. Meanwhile, Ross and Emily's parents meet at the wedding rehearsal dinner.

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  • OMG!!

    Now this is an amazing episode of friends.

    Monica and Chandler end up in BED together!!!

    Ross says RACHEL!!!

    and so many more exciting things happen in this episode.

    I can still remember watching this episode when it was on TV. I think the Monica/Chandler thing shocked me the most!! And then... Ross says Rachel... which made you just go 'ahhhhh'.. especially as Rachel had come all the way to London to tell Ross how she really felt and then couldn't do it at the last second... I really felt for Rachel! Yet again this episode shows why I watch friends, its funny and some really shocking things happen!!moreless
  • The fourth season finale, part two.

    Hugh Laurie guest stars. I loved his character even though they did not reveal his name. It was sad to see Rachel upset seeing Ross & Emily making out but at least she didn't ruin the wedding, Ross did! He says Rachel when he;s getting married. Oh god I am so excited about the season 5 premiere. I like how they fit Phoebe in even she didn't go to London. I expected her having the babies in the season finale. Guess I have to wait for next season! I wonder what is going to happen with Chandler & Monica. Guess I just have to wait.moreless
  • Rachel has rushed to London in an effort to stop the wedding while Pheobe tries to get in touch with Monica to warn her. Ross and Emily's parents try to negotiate wedding prices at dinner, Ross and Emily go forward with the wedding and there's a big shockmoreless

    This episode includes many thrills and spills, you won't be dissapointed by the storyline, however you will be shocked! Chandler and Monica get together secretly, and there is a massive shock at the end. Be sure to watch this episode as it unfolds the rest of season five. We also see some beautiful English scenery as well as our favourite Friends characters. This is the perfect way to end a season with a real cliffehanger, you won't be able to wait to see season five to find out how this plot ends! The dramatic ending and twists along the way are brill, you'll just have to watch!moreless
  • Ross and Emily wed, but there are many obstacles in their wedding.

    This episode was so good. This episode was so entertaining to watch. I loved when Ross said that he takes Rachel to be his wife instead of Emily. It was so hilarious. Ross and Rachel do belong together. They keep fighting their love for one another. This episode was one really funny episode, though. The writers really know how to make a good season finale. Phoebe also gave a good performance in this episode. She was very funny. This episode was definitely a series classic. One of the best things about this episode was Phoebe being pregnant. This episode is the perfect installment to the fourth season.moreless
  • Fabulous. Two of the most shocking events happen within 20 minutes of each other.

    I love this episode. Monica and Chandler start their life-changing relationship and Ross and Rachel get back together, sort of.

    One of the best moments of the episode is when Rachel walks in, hoping to stop Ross marrying Emily, but she sees them kissing, and she decides to congratulate him instead.

    I think the appearences by Tom Conti and Jeniffer Saunders are great too. I think they're truly terrific actors, and they really did make this episode a lot funnier.

    Another great scene is where nobody laughs at Chandler's toast (I'm guessing this was to make fun of the fact that English people have such a different sense of humour to Americans).

    Anyways, I think this episode is underappreciated (even if it is currently the 5th highest ranked Friends episode on this site), because it is fabulous. It has a lot of similarities with 'The Last One' too, which of course, is only a good thing.moreless
Jane Carr (II)

Jane Carr (II)

The Ticket Agent

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Peter Eyre

Peter Eyre

The Register

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Daniel Caltagirone

The Waiter

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Helen Baxendale

Helen Baxendale

Emily Waltham

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Elliott Gould

Jack Geller

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Christina Pickles

Christina Pickles

Judy Geller

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Trivia: It's interesting to note that in Monica and Chandler's wedding, and later Phoebe and Mike's wedding, they make up their own vows, spoken from the heart. In this wedding, Ross and Emily merely repeat after the officiant, suggesting that the marriage is not to be taken too seriously.

    • Trivia: Both Ross and Chandler made strange comments about each other's first girlfriends in their best man speeches. In this episode Chandler said Ross over inflated his first girlfriend and in "The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding" Ross said that Chandler's first girlfriend couldn't control her bladder.

    • Continuity: When Ross and Emily's parents meet for the first time, Judy Geller makes the joke that this may be the only wedding they get to throw, referring to Monica never getting married. However, Ross was married once before to Carol and, presumably, already had a wedding.
      Note: Since it is generally the bride's parents who "throw the wedding", Judy's statement may in fact be true. In the case of Ross's wedding, Carol's parents would likely have paid for it.

    • Continuity Error: Although the wedding dress Emily is wearing is similar to the one picked up by Monica in "The One with All the Wedding Dresses," it is clearly a different design. What's more, Emily is wearing a matching jacket that was not with the dress Monica picked up, and a tiara instead of the veil Monica wore.

    • Goof: When the wedding begins, the first bridesmaid walks down the aisle with a man, dressed in the same attire as the best men. He is not seen again, and the only men in the wedding party are Joey and Chandler.

    • Goof: When Ross and Emily's parents are arguing at the church, Jack Geller's hands, as well as his glasses and the paper, switch positions whenever the camera angle changes. When Ross breaks up the argument, saying "This is our wedding day," a camera angle briefly appears with Ross speaking, but his lips are completely out of sync with the words being spoken.

    • Goof: When the bridesmaid finds Joey and he's supposed to be watching for Rachel, the bridesmaid closes the door. But when they start kissing, the door is completely open.

    • Goof: When Monica and Ross discuss how Emily decided to call off the wedding, Monica is wearing a black watch on her left wrist that disappears and reappears throughout the scene.

    • Factual Error: When the scene cuts from Chandler and Joey's hotel room to the church right before the wedding, it goes via a shot of the Houses of Parliament in which St Stephen's Clock Tower clearly shows that it is after 8pm, a fact borne out by how dark it is outside and the fact that Rachel arrives before the wedding despite having only left New York the same day. Marriages in England and Wales are only legal between the hours of 8am and 6pm unless one of the couple is house-bound, so Ross and Emily's marriage should not be legally binding.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Judy: Oh, sorry we're late--my fault, I insisted on riding the tube...
      Jack: (embarrassed) Judy... the kids!
      Judy: Jack... that's what they call the subway!
      Jack: Oh... I thought that--
      Ross: Dad! Dad! We got it! We got it!

    • Chandler: I'd like to toast Ross and Emily. Of course my big toast will be tomorrow at the wedding. So this is kind of my little toast, or... Melba toast, if you will.

    • Jack: (to Emily's father) I'm not paying for your wine cellar, you thieving, would-be-speaking-German-if-it-weren't-for-us, cheap little man!

    • Chandler: The guy was hammered, okay? There's no way that you look like Ross's mother!
      Monica: Then why would he say it?
      Chandler: Because he's crazy! Okay? He came up to me earlier and thanked me for my very moving performace in Titanic!

    • Monica: My mother's right, I'm never gonna get married.
      Chandler: That is just... I mean, who wouldn't want you?
      Monica: Oh please, I'm a single mom with a thirty year-old son!

    • Rachel: Hi, I'm back! Listen, I need to...
      Ticket Agent: (cheerfully) Hello!
      Rachel: Hello... Uh, I need to get on that eleven o'clock flight.
      Ticket Agent: Oh, I'm afraid that plane has already pulled away from the gate.
      Rachel: Look, you're gonna have to call that plane and tell them to swing around and come and pick me up!
      Ticket Agent: I can't do that.
      Rachel: Sure! Y'know what? We'll just tell them that there was, like, a problem... with the engine.
      Ticket Agent: I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to step aside, Miss.
      Rachel: Look if I don't get to London he is going to marry that other girl!
      Ticket Agent: I can't imagine why...
      Rachel: Alright, you know what... (angrily) I am not leaving here until you call that plane back! (slaps the counter twice)
      (The Ticket Agent raps the "CLOSED" sign on the counter twice in response)

    • Chandler: (to Monica after sex) So, how are you?
      Monica: Good. You?
      Chandler: Oh, I'm fine. You? ...Oh, we already did you.

    • Rachel: (to a man across the aisle on the plane) ...And so then I realized. All this stuff I had been doing, proposing to Joshua, lying to Ross about why I couldn't come to the wedding, was all just a way of...
      Brit: (man sitting beside her) Oh, oh, oh! I'm sorry, can I interrupt? You know I just want to say that you... are a horrible, horrible person.
      Rachel: Uh, pardon me?
      Brit: You say you love this man, yet you're about to ruin the happiest day of his life. I'm afraid I have to agree with your friend, "Pheebs". This is a terrible, terrible plan.
      Rachel: But he has to know how I feel!
      Brit: But why? He loves this, this "Emily" person. No good can come of this.
      Rachel: Well I think you're wrong.
      Brit: (facetiously) Oh, no!
      Rachel: He doesn't really love her! It's just a rebound thing from me... You'll see.
      Brit: Fortunately, I won't. (after a moment) And by the way, it seems to be perfectly clear that you were... on a break.

    • Joey: Have you seen Monica?
      Chandler: (flustered) I'm not seeing Monica!

    • Judy: (about the chapel) Oh, my God! It's like a fairyland.
      Mrs. Waltham: I know. Horrible isn't it?
      Monica: Well, I love it. I only hope my wedding looks this good.
      Judy: Huh... I just hope--
      Monica: You can let some of them go by!

    • Judy: There's nothing to discuss, we're not paying for your wine cellar!
      Mr. Waltham: You have to meet me in the middle here...
      Jack: Hey, if you keep pushing me on this my foot's gonna meet the middle of your ass!

    • Ross: (to the squabbling parents) From now on everyone gets along, and if I hear one more word, no grandchildren!

    • (Monica and Chandler are walking down the aisle, arm in arm)
      Chandler: What we did last night was...
      Monica:  Stupid.
      Chandler: Totally crazy, stupid.
      Monica: What were we thinking?
      Chandler: I'm coming over tonight though, right?
      Monica: Oh, yeah--definitely.

    • Officiant: (to Ross) Repeat after me, "I, Ross..."
      Ross: I, Ross...
      Officiant: "Take thee, Emily..."
      Ross: Take thee, Rachel...

  • NOTES (11)


    • Chandler: Because he's crazy. He came up to me earlier and thanked me for my very moving performance in Titanic.
      Titanic is an Academy Award-winning 1997 romantic disaster film, written and directed by James Cameron, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Titanic currently holds the record for the most Academy Awards (11).

    • Chandler: I mean, to think... my friend getting married in Monty Hall. (when no one laughs) Oh, come on! Monty Hall? Lets Make a Deal? Come on, you people!
      Monty Hall was the host of the original version of the game show Let's Make a Deal (1963).

    • Joey: (during his best-man #2 speech) ...where everybody knows my name.
      Joey is paraphrasing the line "...where everybody knows your name" from the Cheers theme song.