Season 6 Episode 11

The One with the Apothecary Table

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2000 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: This episode begins a couple of minutes after the last one ended: Joey has just kissed Janine for the first time and has come over to tell the gang about it, yet all of the characters--including Joey, amazingly enough--are wearing completely different outfits. What's more, the Christmas tree in Monica's apartment is suddenly gone.

    • Trivia: Pottery Barn is mentioned 17 times in this episode.

    • Trivia: In Phoebe's apartment, an "original Buffay" (a work of art involving a woman coming out of a picture frame) can be seen in the background. These "creations" figure prominently in Season 10's "The One with Ross's Grant".

    • Magna Doodle: A drawing of a fire-breathing dragon

    • Trivia: When Joey comes over to Monica and Chandler's apartment to invite them to go to a movie with him and Janine, the words that Monica whispers are "...but I'm not sure if we have the time to go."

    • Goof: When Monica and Janine are about to fight in the hall, Janine goes to run and lifts up her arms. But when the camera angle changes, she lifts up her arms again.

    • Goof: When Monica says, "What did I tell you about the hall?" her right shoulder is leaned in closer to Janine. When the camera angle changes, Monica's left shoulder is leaned in. When the camera angle changes again, Monica's right shoulder is leaned in again.

    • Goof: When Janine says she's okay with hanging out with Monica and Chandler as long as it's not two nights in a row, she wraps her arms around Joey's waist so her hands touch on his back. When the camera angle changes, her hands are on his sides.

    • Goof: When Chandler says, "Oh, just like the apothecary tables of yore," Monica turns her head toward him twice.

  • Quotes

    • Joey: (to Rachel and Monica about Janine) Have you kissed her yet? It's awesome! I could do it... forever! Y'know what? She kisses better than my mom... cooks.
      Monica: I am so glad you said "cooks."

    • Chandler: (handing Rachel a stack of mail) Oh, hey, Rachel, sweetheart... you have got to tell the post office that you moved, okay? We're still getting all your bills and stuff.
      Rachel: Oh... (spotting a catalogue among the letters) Ooh! Ooh! Pottery Barn! (handing everything else to Chandler) You can throw the rest away.
      Chandler: I am not your garbage man... I'm your mail-man!

    • Monica: Rach', Phoebe hates Pottery Barn...
      Joey: I hate Pottery Barn, too. They kicked me out of there just because I sat on a bed.
      Chandler: You took off your pants and climbed under the sheets!
      Joey: I was tired!

    • Rachel: (about Phoebe finding out their new table is from Pottery Barn) I'll just tell her it's an antique apothecary table. She doesn't have to know where it came from... (looking at the catalogue) Oh, I love these little drawers... Oh, look, look! It says that it holds three hundred CD's!
      Chandler: Ah, just like the apothecary tables of yore.
      Rachel: Your what?
      Chandler: What?
      Rachel: What?
      Chandler: Enjoy the catalogue, sweetheart.

    • Ross: (about Phoebe hating Pottery Barn) Y'know what I think? It's just... she's weird! Y'know, it's because she's a twin... twins are weird!
      Rachel: Ross, she's not weird, she just likes her stuff to be one-of-a-kind.
      Ross: Huh. Y'know what's not one-of-a-kind? ...a twin!

    • Monica: Joey, why is Janine not coming over for dinner?
      Joey: Well, uh, she didn't want to hang out with you guys two nights in a row. I'm so sorry.
      Chandler: Why does she not want to hang out with us?
      Joey: Because she, uh, she thinks (to Chandler) that you are blah... and, and that you Monica, are too loud.
      Monica:(loudly) What?!! (quietly) What...?
      Chandler: So, she was just pretending to have a good time last night? She was lying to our faces?
      Monica: I can't believe this. I mean, who is she to judge us? We could not have been nicer to her.
      Chandler: And I am not blah... I am a hoot!

    • Joey: (to Monica and Chandler) So, uh, what are you guys doing?
      Chandler: Oh, nothing. We're just talking... y'know... blah, blah, blah.
      Joey: C'mon, you guys, you said you were gonna try... Alright, look... I came over to invite you guys to a movie with me and Janine. Whaddaya say?
      Monica: Well, I'd like to (almost inaudibly) ...but I'm not sure if we have the time to go.

    • Phoebe: (looking at the Pottery Barn window display) No no no, but I am mad! I am mad! ...because this stuff is everything that is wrong with the world! ...and it's all sitting up in my living room and all I can think about is how I don't have that lamp!

    • Phoebe: (to Rachel in front of Pottery Barn) Are you saying that you would move out if I didn't buy that lamp?
      Rachel: What? No! I'm not going to move out--
      Phoebe: (stressing) Are you saying that you would move out if I didn't buy that lamp?!
      Rachel: (finally catching her meaning) Ach! Yes!! I would so move out!!
      Phoebe: Okay, then! I don't have a choice! I have to buy that lamp!
      Rachel: That's right!
      Phoebe: (starts heading into Pottery Barn, then turns back to Rachel) ...But at least the apothecary table's real...

    • Janine: We have got to move!
      Monica: (barging into Joey's apartment with Chandler) ) I knew it! Y'know, you're not so quiet yourself, missy!
      Chandler: And I'm "blah"? Listen, the only thing more boring than watching modern dance is having to listen to you talk about it! (mocking Janine) "Oh, Chandler! ...I just lost myself in the movement!"
      Janine: Y'know, I know you're talking... but all I hear is "blah, blah, blah."
      Monica: Alright, you and me! Let's go! Right now!
      Joey: Alright, enough! Enough! You two go home. I gotta talk to Janine.
      Chandler: (to Monica as they're leaving) Y'know, I really think you could take her.
      Monica: (to Janine) You better hope I don't see you in the hallway!

    • (Monica is taking out the trash and encounters Janine in the hallway)
      : What did I tell you about the hall?
      Janine: I was just coming over to apologize for my behavior. I'd really like it if we could be friends.
      Monica: Well, I know that would make Joey happy, so I would like that too.
      Janine: Great.
      Monica: C'mon... (gives her a quick, insincere hug) Well, glad we worked things out.
      Janine: Me too. I'll see you... (as Monica starts to walk away.) ...or I'll hear you.
      Monica: That's it! (hits Janine with the bag of trash)
      Janine: Ow! Wait! (runs away)
      Monica: (chasing after her) You better run!
      Chandler: (coming into the hallway) You hear that?
      Joey: Yeah... What am I gonna do?
      Chandler: Yeah, I'm sorry... (after thinking about it) Wanna go watch?
      Joey: Yeah...

    • Monica: I know what to do with tall girls... You go for their knees!

    • Chandler: Hey, so did, uh, did she move out?
      Joey: Pretty much, yeah.
      Monica: I can't believe you just broke up with her just like that.
      Joey: Well, when it's not right, you know it.
      Chandler: You okay?
      Joey: Yeah! Yeah. I'll be alright.
      Ross: Y'know what would cheer you up?
      Joey: What?
      Ross: I'm giving this lecture on erosion theories tomorrow night... I think you should come.
      Joey: (bursts out laughing) You're right! That did cheer me up!

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  • Allusions

    • Rachel: (spotting a catalogue in her stack of mail) Ooh! Ooh! Pottery Barn!
      Founded in 1950, Pottery Barn is a United States-based upscale home furnishings chain with retail stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Mexico and Australia. With headquarters in San Francisco, Pottery Barn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc..