Season 2 Episode 6

The One with the Baby on the Bus

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

The gang are assembled at Monica and Rachel's to play with Ross' son, Ben. Ross ate some of Monica's kiwi lime pie, thinking it was key lime pie because he's allergic to kiwi. He is starting to swell, so Monica takes him to the hospital, leaving Ben with Chandler & Joey. Terry, Rachel's manager at Central Perk, informs her that he has hired a professional musician to play on Sunday afternoons. Rachel is devastated for Phoebe, and equally more devastated when Terry tells her to tell Phoebe. Chandler & Joey are loaded down with baby stuff and with Ben on the bus. Chandler isn't too sure about babysitting until Joey mentions how they will be girl magnets. The two guys then fight over who gets to hold Ben. A young woman, Caroline, greets the guys. Chandler and Joey are excited, thinking the baby is attracting a beautiful woman until she makes a reference to how wonderful it is that two gay guys can adopt a baby. Back at Central Perk, Rachel has given Phoebe the bad news: Not only will there be another singer at Central Perk, but a paid one as well. Rachel tells Phoebe that she will try talking to Terry. He allows Phoebe to play after Stephanie as long as Rachel cleans the cappuccino maker. Phoebe is excited, thinking she will get paid & when she finds out there is no money involved, she tells Rachel that she quits as she heads outdoors, singing. At the hospital, Ross is being evaluated by the doctor. Monica takes the doctor aside to tell him about Ros' needle phobia. Unfortunately for Ross, a shot is the only method of treatment for allergic reaction. Monica plays the role of mommy to Ross to help take his mind off of the needle. Back on the bus, Chandler and Joey are having a bit more luck with the ladies, who think Ben is adorable. They make a double date with 2 girls on the bus as they exit the bus. One of the girls asks where the baby is, causing the guys to realize they left Ben on the bus and they run after the moving bus. Back at Central Perk, Rachel is getting ready to introduce Stephanie to the stage when Phoebe sings loudly from outside: "Terry's a jerk, and he won't let me work, and I hate Central Perk". Chandler and Joey enter the transit authority office to pick up Ben. When they see an attractive woman working there, they both pretend to be Ben's father to get the girl. But they can't tell which baby is Ben. Rachel brings Phoebe out a jacket so she wont get cold. She tells Rachel that she doesn't like playing for money because it has made her angry. Rachel tells Phoebe that she misses her singing inside. Chandler and Joey bring Ben back to Monica's apartment. Ross holds his son and asks Chandler why his diaper says "propery of Human Services." But Chandler holds up some kiwi to give him and Joey time to run away.