Season 8 Episode 20

The One with the Baby Shower

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Rachel entering Monica's apartment to talk about her soon to be baby shower, Rachel is upset when she finds out that Phoebe forgot to invite her mother. Monica says she will make it up to her and invite her. Whilst on the phone, Monica becomes nervous when Mrs Green tells Monica "her daughters told her about the party when they received their invitations."
Chandler and Ross enter Joey's apartment and Joey tells them he has an audition to become the host for a game show called "Bamboozled!".
Ross and Joey say he will be perfect and the three engage in a practice session. Joey turns out to know very little about the game and Chandler becomes bored saying how "lame it is."
Back at Monica's apartment, Mrs. Green arrives and Monica apologizes for forgetting to invite her. Monica is bothered that she is still angry with her and vows to make Mrs. Green like her. Rachel's mother comes over to Rachel and tells her she must have a nanny for her baby because parenting is extremely hard. Rachel says she can't afford a nanny so her mom says she "will come live with her."
At Joey's apartment the game is still going on and Ross is exceedingly enthusiastic, Chandler is however angry saying "the game makes no sense." Chandler and Joey begin to dispute about how good the show is, but after suddenly winning all of Ross' points, Chandler begins to like the game.
Rachel goes over to Monica to tell her she doesn't want her mother to move in with her and needs Monica's help. Monica helps her build up enough confidence to just say "no." Monica suddenly brings up the topic of opening the gifts, which Rachel's mom has not got, building up her hatred for Monica. Rachel begins to open her presents and doesn't know what any of the gifts are, revealing her ignorance to her mother. Rachel begins to make her situation worse by showing she wouldn't know where to start with looking after a baby. Rachel then turns to her mom saying "don't ever leave me."
Back at Joey's apartment the game still goes on and Chandler is very enthusiastic. All three of them come up with silly phrases such as "the Hungry Monkey", "Wicked Wango Card", "Time turtle", "Google Card" and "Hopping Bonus".
The game ends when Chandler becomes "bamboozled". Chandler then yells out, "This is the best game ever!"
Back at the baby shower, Rachel tells her mom she doesn't know what to do when the baby is born. Her mom tells her everything
is going to be okay. Ross enters the shower and Rachel tells him that her mother is going to live with her and help look after the baby for eight weeks. Ross isn't very happy about the idea, saying they can't take eight weeks of her.
At his audition, Joey starts talking about the wheel and cards, the producers then tell him they have removed all of that and it is a simple "question and answer" game.
Following the baby shower Ross tells Mrs. Green that he doesn't need her but Rachel tries to persuade him that they do. Ross says everything will be okay because he will be there for the baby and he has experience, since he helped raise Ben. Mrs. Green says that she sees everything will be fine. Ross then gives Rachel praise saying she will be an "incredible mother."
Ross and Rachel are at his apartment and they are playing "Bamboozled!", using questions based on parenthood.