Season 5 Episode 21

The One with the Ball

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 1999 on NBC

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  • Below average filler

    Season Five had so many great episodes, there was bound to be a clunker or two. TOW The Ball was definitely one of them. The chief storyline revolves around a game of catch with a ball between Joey and Ross that evolves into a "tense" game of how long they can continue without dropping it. The game eventually sucks in Chandler and Monica. This is the sort of stupid game that guys sometimes manufacture, and it was kind of cool to see the show pick up something like this. However, the comic possibilities of the situation were not explored in a particularly humorous way, and devolved into "competitive Monica" recycled bits. A secondary storyline with Rachel purchasing a hairless cat was sort of amusing, but barely. Finally, Phoebe and Gary move in together, but that gets torpedoed when Phoebe finds out that Gary shoots birds from his window. That twist was plain stupid and inexplicably lame. Definitely not a recommended episode.