Season 4 Episode 4

The One with the Ballroom Dancing

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 1997 on NBC

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  • Gay innuendo.

    This episode was pretty funny with all of Joey's gay innuendo. I like how the janitor left Joey in the end after Joey started liking it. Phoebe's plot was okay, sort of a filler on her behalf but was pretty funny. I like how the guy ended up having a wife & Phoebe ends up getting fired after 4 years! Hopefully she doesn't go on the streets again. Anyways, the best plot out of all of them which is so true in any sort of club you go in to was Chandler quitting the gym & Ross ends up joining. A very good episode.
  • Another superb season four episode.

    This episode is okay. Many storylines pushed together but mainly focusing on Joey and his dancing experince with the super. I felt that Rachel and Monica weren't there in this episode but I liked Phoebe standing out for ounce. Phoebe tries to ignore her sexual urges when she massages a very attractive man and Chandler and Ross try to quit the gym and close their bank accounts but fail due to their own sexual urges. It's funny how everything is foucused around sex and how gorgeous people can be so persuasive and in my oponion the characters in friends having no control over themselves in these situations is a very funny thing.

    Another very good episode yet it dosen't really do any good to long term story and by that I mean it dosen't really connect events with each other which we can look forward too in the next episodes.
  • In order to save his friends from eviction Joey takes dancing lessons with the super. Chandler tries to quit the gym. Hillarious.

    I don't really like when writer make up a habit of a character to make a story work. In this case the story line depends of the constant crying of Rachel. But as you can see - she does this very rarely. But this time I can forgive them fully.

    I think it is the first Friends episode written by Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen. They didn't try to bring the main story forward, they just made three nice sketches of everyday situations. Well - not really everyday situations , but not as unusal as giving birth to you brother's triplets. Have you ever asked yourself why there is still space left in gyms, while everyone seems to be member of at least one gym? This episodes eyxplains everything - the gyms have their special methods to keep their clients. Ross and Chandler work great together to explain this mystery. Joey srews up and provokes the super. In order to make it up he has to do ballroom dancing classes with the full figured Mr Treeger which culminates in a hillaroius ballroom dancing on the roofs of New York. Phoebe got a story line too, but her part is not as intersting as the adventures of the boys. She is in love with an massage client and gets fired. Nice, but not great.
  • gym and ballroom dancing

    Chandler wants to quit the gym but can't. He ends up getting the support from Ross but Ross ends up joining the gym. After Mr Treeger makes Rachel cry Joey goes down to talk to him and ends up being told that Monica and Rachel have illegally subletted their apartment and he will say something but Joey tells him he will be his dance partner.
  • a funny episode

    rachael upsets the janitor at the apartments so gets joey to sort him out. joey then has to teach ballroom dancing to him so he wont tell the landlord that monica is living there illegally as a sublet. pheobe is attracted to her massage client and gives him a 3 hour massage. they go out for about 1 minute. and finally ross helps chandler try to quit his gym but ends up also joining then they try to close their bank accounts and end up getting ajoint account. so all in all a very good episode. lol ha ha ha.
  • Joey ballroom dances with the maintenance man.

    While Rachel attempts to shove a pizza box down the garbage shoot, the maintanance man, Treger, snaps at her because he just finished unclogging the shoot when she comes along and is about to clog it up again. He calls her a princess who has to call Daddy and makes her cry. She goes back to her apartment crying, and Joey decides to pay Treger a visit because no one makes his friends cry. Upon confronting treger, He threatens to get Monica and Rachel kicked out of the building for subletting their apartment illegally. Joey goes to tell them they might get evicted and Monica tells him to suck up to treger like he's never sucked before.

    Joey goes back to see if their anything he can do to get treger to change his mind. Treger tells him that he wants Joey as a partner for ballroom dancing. Treger is going to a ball and wants to impress another female supervisor with his dance moves, but is too shy to dance with a girl and needs to practice. Joey agrees, and they dance. Joey seems to really enjoy it and is bummed to find out that Treger doesn't need to dance with him anymore. But he offers Joey to come along to the ball because he can dance with the lady supervisor's friend, whose just about his size. Joey smiles and gracefully declines.
  • This episode is so funny!!!

    In this fantastic episode, Mr. Treeger makes Rachel cry. Joey is mad that Mr. Treeger made Rachel cry, so he goes to make him apologize to Rachel. But when Joey is arguing with him, Mr. Treeger says that he's going to tell the landlord that Monica and Rachel are living in their apartment illegally. Now the only way Joey can get Treeger to not tell the landlord, is if he becomes Treeger's ballroom dance partner. Meanwhile, Phoebe is having trouble trying not to be attracted to one of her massage clients. And Chandler is having a very hard time trying to quit his gym, so Ross goes along with Chandler for moral support.

    I think this episode is so hilarious. I absolutely love this episode!