Season 1 Episode 23

The One with the Birth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 11, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

At the hospital, the gang, minus Phoebe, are waiting for Carol & Susan to arrive. Ross is freaking out about Carol not being at the hospital. Monica asks if her water broke. Ross doesn't know, she just told him she passed the mucus plug. Joey makes a sound of complete disgust.

Phoebe arrives, guitar in hand. She brought it along, in case "things might get musical." Carol & Susan arrive. Ross asks Carol where were they. In the gift shop.

Carol is in her hospital room. Ross & Susan are by her side. Her OB/GYN Dr. Franzblau arrives. Ross & Susan fight over who gets to go and get ice chips for Carol. They both leave as Rachel enters with a cup of ice chips.

Rachel notices the handsome Dr Franzblau and introduces herself as "Carol's ex-husband's sister's room-mate."

Chandler is falling asleep on Monica's shoulder in the Waiting room; Monica makes him get up to go get some coffee. They leave.

Joey watches the Knicks/Celtics game on television. He is talking to the screen as a young pregnant woman, Lydia, enters. She's a Celtic's fan, Joey is a Knicks fan.

She begins to go into labor and Joey looks for the father. There is no father. Joey takes her in the direction of the OB department.

In the waiting room, Phoebe plays a song until Ross gives her a dollar to stop.

A woman passes by with newborn twins. Monica is jealous. Chandler tells her that when the two of them are 40 and if neither is married, he will marry her and give her a baby. Monica gets upset at the idea that she will be un-married by the age of 40.

Rachel enters wearing a formal dress. She wanted to look her best for Dr. Franzblau.

Joey & Lydia are in a hospital room. Lydia talking to her mom on the phone, telling her that she isn't alone in the delivery room. Her mom wants to talk to Joey. He takes the phone and gives his vitals: single, 25, actor. After she hears his occupation, she hangs up.

Joey asks Lydia what happened to the father, "If someone was having my baby somewhere, I'd wanna know about it." Lydia refuses to discuss it. So Joey decides he will leave. But returns a moment later, telling her the problem with the Celtics. They argue.

In Carol's room, Ross & Susan coach Carol on breathing. The pain is getting to Carol and Susan tells her to "keep focusing on Jordie." Ross asks who Jordie is. Susan tells him it's the name of his son. He says the name was supposed to be Jamie. But Jamie was the name of Susan's first girlfriend, so they changed it.

Carol has a leg cramp and Ross & Susan want to attend to it. Carol has enough, she orders them out. As they leave, Ross & Susan continue to bicker.

Joey helps Lydia go through labor. A nurse is in the room. Joey looks down at Lydia & says "Ew! What is that? Something exploded!" The nurse tells him to calm down; it's just her water breaking. Joey gets panicked. Instead of telling Lydia to breathe, the nurse attends to Joey.

Ross & Susan are still arguing. Phoebe hears them & comes down the hall, taking them into a broom closet to chastise them. Phoebe goes to leave the room, but the door is locked.

Ross & Susan are trying to get out, calling for help. He tells everyone to stand back as he walks backwards, like he is going to break the door down, but steps in a bucket & falls.

Rachel & Dr. Franzblau are with Carol, who is wondering where Ross & Susan went. Rachel tells Carol not to worry, the whole gang is here for her. A second later she turns to the doctor and begins flirting with him. Carol sits up in pain, Rachel & the Doctor casually lay her back down.

In the Broom Closet, Ross picks up a vacuum, holding it at the door. Susan asks him if he's going to suck open the door. Phoebe sings, "they found the bodies the very next day," but stops when Ross & Susan stare at her.

Monica's on the phone with her mother. She sees a woman with a baby. She puts the phone to her chest & cries. Chandler takes the phone, makes a static noise & hangs up.

Joey walks up to Lydia's room with a bouquet of balloons. Before he enters, he sees the baby's father has arrived & he listens at the door. Lydia's mom called the guy to come see the baby (it's a girl). He apologizes for not being there.

Joey closes the door, tying the balloons to the knob. He walks away, holding the hand of an inflated balloon animal he brought.

Ross is still trying to open the broom closet. This time, he uses a credit card. But it doesn't work. Susan & Ross start to argue about who ruined whose day. Phoebe tells the two that they don't need to fight. When she was a kid, her father left, her mom died & her step-father was in jail. But their baby is going to have 3 parents to care enough to fight over who loves it the most.

Carol is ready to give birth. All are there except for Phoebe, Ross, and Susan.

Carol suddenly screams in pain & grabs Chandler by his shirt. They pull her hand off of him.

The Doctor tells Carol she is at 10 centimeters, it's delivery time. But Carol wants to wait for Ross & Susan.

Ross uses a broom to open the air vent in the ceiling. Phoebe is in a janitor's uniform, ready to go into the vent. She looks at her uniform and sees the name Ben on it, so she says "Ben to the rescue."

Ross & Susan lift Phoebe up into the vent when a janitor opens the closet door, freeing the trio. Ross & Susan rush to Carol's delivery room, leaving Phoebe dangling from the vent.

As Carol is pushing, Susan & Ross enter. The nurse tells the group that if they're not "an ex-husband or a lesbian life partner" they should leave the room.

The baby is crowning, Ross puts his head near the baby's head to say hello. But apologizes to the doctor after seeing the look he was given. Susan asks him what he looks like. Ross says, "Kinda like my uncle Ed, covered in Jello." From the air vent overhead, Phoebe tells them how beautiful their boy is.

In the delivery room, Carol is holding her baby. It's time to name the baby. Ross thinks for a moment before announcing "Ben." They all like it.

Monica opens the door & the whole gang enters. Ross introduces Ben to his friends. Monica holds her nephew & becomes choked up when she talks to him.