Season 1 Episode 23

The One with the Birth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 11, 1995 on NBC

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  • ross n susan get lokd in a closet wiv phoebe whil carol is avin th baby n phoebe finds a suit wiv th name ben on it.elswer monica is scard she wont hav kids n on th fone 2 hr mum she gets so upset tht chandler has 2 hang up the fone 4 her, is this a sign?

    Ross's son is born, but while carol is in labour, susan and ross get locked in a cupboard because phoebe wants them to be quiet and get on, but accidentally locks all three of them in the cupboard. Meanwhile, Joey finds a woman who is a fan of basketball and holds her hand while she gives birth, showing his more sensitive side. Unfortunately, her husband turns up after the girl is born and they get back together, leaving joey with only a balloon for company. Elsewhere, Monica is feeling like she will never have kids and Chandler vows that if neither are married by the time theyre 40 they should get together. Monica takes this the wrong way and calls her mum. She sees another woman and her baby and gets upset. Chandler comes over and makes crackling noises and hangs up the phone. He hugs her then Joey appears. Phoebe finds a boiler suit with the name Ben on it and wears it to escape through the shaft overhead. The janitor opens the door and Ross and Susan rush to be at Carols side. They witness the birth and decide to call the baby ben.... At the end, the crowd gather round baby ben and coo, commenting on his every move, united as they would be, unbeknowingly, for the next nine years.