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Season 1 Episode 23

The One with the Birth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 11, 1995 on NBC

Episode Fan Reviews (13)

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  • Carol gives birth.

    Leah Remini guest stars, in this riveting episode. Leah did a very good job, I personally thought that Joey & Lydia should of hooked up. They looked perfect for each other. Lydia's last line. "Eh, there not so bad" (talking about Joey's basketball team) To bad her loser boyfriend showed up. Rachel is in a pickle when her OB/GYN hate woman's private parts. Sort of awkward. I like how she tried to impress him throughout the episode though. Susan and Ross fighting ending up in a closet with Phoebe. Like Phoebe's song when in the closet. "And they found their bodies the following day, lalalalala" I laughed so hard. I also like the ending when it's that babies point of you. The gang is all there looking at the baby, talking. Great ending! Perfect flawless episode.