Season 10 Episode 9

The One with the Birth Mother

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2004 on NBC

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  • The episode that introduces Erica as the birth mother of Chandler and Monica's future children and shows Joey in a pretty poor light.

    This is pretty much a mediocre episode lifted solely by the Birth Mother storyline. The storyline of Joey not sharing food was pretty silly, and pretty much hurt his character. Joey is suppose to be this sweet, gentle and loyal kind of guy and the silliness of him not sharing food which is freshly invented because he has shared food on many occasion with other friends and other people, and I don't think he would stop Emma from eating from his plate. I can understand his attachment to Hugsy since it was his childhood pal but this seems to spiteful and Joey is far from that.

    Ross's storyline of wearing Rachel's cloth was dumb too and a little unrealistic since Ross is much much more larger than her, but still was pretty passable and the credit scene with Joey not sharing food was actually funny unlike the rest of Joey scenes in this episode.

    But the show stealer was Chandler who delivered one of the most terrific, tear jerking speech to Erica convincing her to let him and Monica have the baby. Especially when he tells 'She is a mother without a baby', I was close to tears for the first time in any television show (I haven't cried much in my life, maybe because i am dead inside :p). You can actually feel emphatically with Chandler and Monica's predicament and their joy when Erica consents to give the baby.
  • Lost Friends.

    I guess the show got lost. Joey becomes so childish and infintile that sometimes it is not funny. "It's MY food!" line is unclever nor carry enough power to make me laugh. And why does it happen out of the blue, what about continuety iun the show?
    The emiotional ending scene where Chandler convinces the lady to adopt her child is very "touching" but too cheesy... Ross wears ladies cloths... ha ha... I do like the show but this episode is weak. Phibi actually doesn't do anything in this show.
  • So sweet...

    Monica and Chandler fly to Ohio and find out the woman that chose them to adopt her baby think they are a Reverend and a doctor. The story is funny and sweet, and the scene with Chandler and the birth mother is one of the most wonderfully lovely moments in the show's history.

    Ross is hilarious in the pink shirt, and Phoebe and Rachel is very funny in the clothing story.

    But by far the funniest storyline of the episode is Joey not sharing food. When his date comes back and Joey has eaten her dessert, I have probably never laughed as hard at any other moment in the show.

    Season 10 had some funny stuff, maybe not as much as previous seasons. But there is still a lot of great stuff here.
  • fabby

    This episode made me cry. Monica and Chandlers relationship is so beautiful and the writers are so clever. The development of their relationship is lovely to watch but always humorous at the same time.
    In this one they are funny as the doctor and reverend. The line

    Erica: (to Chandler) Being a doctor must take up a lot of time.

    Chandler: No-ot for me it doesn’t.

    is so funny and a prime example of Chandlers humour. However, as the plot develops we see the desperation of Monica to be a motherthis is played brilliantly by the pregnant courtney cox who pleads with Chandler \"No-one will ever love this baby more than us.\"
    However. the most beautiful scene is when Chandler pleads with Erica to reconsider their application. Despite Chandler being a total joker,he clearly has this lovely sensitive side, he adores his wife and would do anything for her. this is lovely to see

  • Hilarious, emotional, full of laughs

    Matthew Perry shows his emotional, devoted side when there is a mix-up at the adoption agency mistakes Monica for a reverend and Chandler for a doctor. This leads to a hilarious but desperate for a bavy Monica to lie to the baby's mother and take quotes from the bible. When Chandler feels guilty for lying to Erica, he reveals all and has to convince her to let him and Monica have her baby. This is a fantastic storyline which deserves a lot of high credit. Joey goes on a date with one of Phoebe's friends and is annoyed when she keeps taking his food. Phoebe doesnt understand how this could bother him so much but Rachel confirms that 'JOEY DOESNT SHARE FOOD!!!!!!' The way he says it is top-notch. Meanwhile, Rachel buys clothes for Ross for a date but one of their bags get swapped - leading Ross to wear the same top as his date!

    Great, great, great!
  • funny

    Monica and Chandler travel to Ohio to meet a potential mother for their child, but they're put in an uncomfortable situation when the mom-to-be thinks they're a reverend and doctor but monica plays along just so she can have the baby but they tell the truth and get the baby. Joey's date picks food off his plate which upests him leading him to buy side plates for her to eat. Rachel picks out an outfit for Ross to wear on a date, but accidentally gives him the bag with her purchases instead and ends up going on the date with the same clothes on as his date.
  • Monica and Chandler go to meet the women who could possibly be carrying their child.

    This episode should have won Courtney Cox some kine of major award!! She is absolutely brilliant with her performance as a woman who is desperate to get a child. First, play the joke as the pretend reverend. But then we see the serious side in the scene where she tries to convince Chandler that they should keep going with the charade. With the line "but noone else will ever love this baby as much as we do", she brings even the most cynical person to tears with the passion, frustration and fear Monica/Courtney seem to be feeling at the time. A wonderful episode!!
  • This is the episode Chandler and Monica are mistaken for a reverand and a doctor. Joey goes on a date with one of Phoebe's friends. Comes back from the date and tells he didn't want to go out with her because, "Joey doesn't share food!"

    The episode is overall funny. But, I do have to say that there is one awesome scene.The whole scene with Joey and his date (on their second date) is so hillarious!!! Especially the part where he yells,"Joey doesn\'t share food!!\", he drops the clams and picks him up and comenceses eating the. Later on his date leaves to return finding him with chocolate covering his face. His date has a disgusting look on her face and Joey just simply says, \"You know what? I\'m not even sorry.\" In my opinion, this is one of the best episodes out of the 10 seasons.
  • The episode is lifted by the storyline with the birth mother.

    This episode was kind of hit and miss. The storylines with Ross and Joey were pretty lame, but the storyline with the birth mother made the episode fair enough in the end.

    Ross' storyline with the shirt was pretty bad. Disregarding the fact that he would have known it was a female shirt, how on earth did he fit into a top Rachel had bought for herself? The fact that the writers thought this could be even remotely funny proves yet again that they shouldn't be writing tv comedy. I have seen more clever comedy in sixth grade plays.

    And speaking of sixth grade... What was the thought behind the Joey storyline? "Oh everyone knows Joey likes food, so we'll devote an entire storyline to him behaving like a baby over food. That will make people laugh, for sure!" Sorry, but this is just plain stupid. Why have they insisted on turning Joey into a child over the last seasons? He's never been the braniac of the bunch, but there's a huge difference between being a little slow and behaving like a 7 year-old when you're past thirty.

    The upside of this episode was the storyline with Monica, Chandler and Erica. I liked how things played out between the Bings, how Chandler stepped up and pointed out what was the right thing to do. They keep joking on the show that Monica is always rigth and he is always wrong, and she never lets him win, but the truth on the show is that when he's right she gives in and does what he suggests. In this episode she knew that he was right but she didn't want to accept the consequences, but when he insisted she gave in. And Chandler's little "speech" to Erica was rather heartwarming. I really like Chandler and Monica as a couple, and this was a good episode for them.

  • This is probably one of the best episodes in the series entire 10 year run solely due to continued depth Matthew Perry brings to the role of Chandler Bing

    When the series first started, I was amazed at how well the actors and writers knew these characters from the first scene. Perhaps Joey got a little dimmer with each passing season or Phoebe became more political. But the characters were always well rooted. They were always real!

    This brings me to the character of Chandler Bing who is the most consistently funny characters ever created. Thanks in large part goes to Matthew Perry because any lesser actor would have made this character invisible. The beauty of Matthew Perry is that as sarcastic and homophobic as Chandler Bing is, he equally can be spot on when the charcaters experience stark reality. Both Ross and Joey have their sincere moments as well, but it\'s almost expected in the scene. Those moments tend to be more melodramatic. But Matthew Perry is brilliant in making these moments seem very simple. Very honest. Very real.

    This episode crystalizes the entire essence of Chandler and his only reason for happiness. Monica. In that final scene with Erica as we hear Chandler painstakingly define how important Monica is to him, we never see any crescendos. No moments of melodrama. No actors tricks. It was said as if any of us would have said that about the person we love. And that is Matthew Perry\'s brilliance.