Season 10 Episode 9

The One with the Birth Mother

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2004 on NBC

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  • The episode is lifted by the storyline with the birth mother.

    This episode was kind of hit and miss. The storylines with Ross and Joey were pretty lame, but the storyline with the birth mother made the episode fair enough in the end.

    Ross' storyline with the shirt was pretty bad. Disregarding the fact that he would have known it was a female shirt, how on earth did he fit into a top Rachel had bought for herself? The fact that the writers thought this could be even remotely funny proves yet again that they shouldn't be writing tv comedy. I have seen more clever comedy in sixth grade plays.

    And speaking of sixth grade... What was the thought behind the Joey storyline? "Oh everyone knows Joey likes food, so we'll devote an entire storyline to him behaving like a baby over food. That will make people laugh, for sure!" Sorry, but this is just plain stupid. Why have they insisted on turning Joey into a child over the last seasons? He's never been the braniac of the bunch, but there's a huge difference between being a little slow and behaving like a 7 year-old when you're past thirty.

    The upside of this episode was the storyline with Monica, Chandler and Erica. I liked how things played out between the Bings, how Chandler stepped up and pointed out what was the right thing to do. They keep joking on the show that Monica is always rigth and he is always wrong, and she never lets him win, but the truth on the show is that when he's right she gives in and does what he suggests. In this episode she knew that he was right but she didn't want to accept the consequences, but when he insisted she gave in. And Chandler's little "speech" to Erica was rather heartwarming. I really like Chandler and Monica as a couple, and this was a good episode for them.