Season 10 Episode 9

The One with the Birth Mother

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2004 on NBC

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  • fabby

    This episode made me cry. Monica and Chandlers relationship is so beautiful and the writers are so clever. The development of their relationship is lovely to watch but always humorous at the same time.
    In this one they are funny as the doctor and reverend. The line

    Erica: (to Chandler) Being a doctor must take up a lot of time.

    Chandler: No-ot for me it doesn’t.

    is so funny and a prime example of Chandlers humour. However, as the plot develops we see the desperation of Monica to be a motherthis is played brilliantly by the pregnant courtney cox who pleads with Chandler \"No-one will ever love this baby more than us.\"
    However. the most beautiful scene is when Chandler pleads with Erica to reconsider their application. Despite Chandler being a total joker,he clearly has this lovely sensitive side, he adores his wife and would do anything for her. this is lovely to see

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