Season 8 Episode 15

The One with the Birthing Video

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Rachel telling Joey about how it is living at Ross'. When Rachel leaves, Joey tells Phoebe how painful his love for Rachel has become.

Ross tells Phoebe that he still hasn't told Mona that Rachel is living with him. Phoebe then tells him that she got him and Rachel a birthing video so they know what to expect.

Phoebe then goes around Joey's to bring him a dog (supposedly the happiest dog in the world) to cheer him up since he's been down.

Chandler enters his apartment to be with Monica for Valentines Day. He discovers a tape which he presumes to be a porn video that Monica got him for Valentines Day. He starts watching the video in a happy mood. The video tape turns out to be the birthing video however and Chandler is deeply grossed out.

Back at Joey's apartment, Joey is playing with the dog when Rachel walks in. Rachel plays with the dog and leaves. When she leaves Joey starts to tell the dog all about Rachel and how he loves her but can't be with her.

Next we see Chandler staring in horror having just watched the video. Monica then gives him a porn video as a Valentine's present. He is hesitant to watch it though, having just watched the birthing video.

Mona returns back to the city and meets Ross in Central Perk. He is about to explain to her that Rachel has moved in but can't when she says how crazy that would be.

Ross is then seen talking with Phoebe about how he plans to tell Mona that Rachel has moved in, saying he will tell her after their evening is finished.

Phoebe then comes to collect the dog from Joey's apartment but the dog is all miserable since it was with Joey.

Ross is with Rachel at his apartment talking about going out with Mona that evening. Ross was supposed to pick Mona up but Mona arrives at Ross' apartment unexpectedly and sees Rachel there. Ross says she is being emotional recently. As Ross leaves Mona speaks with Rachel and Rachel mistakenly says she lives in Ross' apartment.

Monica and Chandler are sitting on the sofa trying to get past what they saw on the birthing video. As they go to kiss, they hesitate and find it hard with the video images in their head. Rachel arrives and tells them Mona and Ross are splitting up. Chandler tells Rachel they have her birthing video. They all sit down to watch it together.

At Central Perk, Ross and Joey are talking about Ross' misfortune and him being dumped on Valentine's Day. Ross is intrigued why Joey is without a date on Valentine's Day. Joey then reluctantly tells him the story about how he loves the person but can't be with her and the reasons. Throughout he doesn't mention that it is Rachel so Ross seems supportive. Then as Ross goes to leave Joey tells him it's Rachel…