Season 8 Episode 15

The One with the Birthing Video

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2002 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: At the beginning of the episode Rachel complains to Phoebe and Joey that Ross makes her watch The Discovery Channel all day long. Later, when Mona arrives unexpectedly at Ross's apartment, Rachel points to her bedroom and says, "I'll be watching TV if anybody needs me". If Rachel has her own TV, why would she have to watch what Ross watches?

    • Trivia: Rachel corrects Monica's statement that mice-droppings started the black plague, pointing out that it was rats. Actually, it was the rat's fleas that spread the plague. Rachel mustn't have watched the entire documentary.

    • Trivia: Rachel tells Ross that they could watch Nick-at-Nite once in awhile. In the worlds-collide department, Nick-at-Nite frequently plays episodes of Friends.

    • Continuity: In this episode, Mona comes back from vacation and Ross tells her that the baby started kicking. But in the last episode, "The One with the Secret Closet", Mona was in town to experience Ross's baby kicking. She would've known of the baby kicking because Ross abandoned her at the movie theaters to check on Rachel.

    • Goof: When Chandler plays the birthing video for Monica, the actual tape is still on the coffee table.
      Note: The tape itself is still in the VCR from when Chandler was watching it. Only the box is on the coffee table.

    • Magna Doodle: A drawing of a guy on a motorcycle

    • Continuity: Phoebe says that she had never tasted taffy before, but in "The One with the Chicken Pox" she says that when she met Ryan, she was playing guitar and he gave her taffy. Maybe she didn't eat it, but that's unlikely.

  • Quotes

    • Joey: Hey, so, uh, how's it going, living over at Ross's?
      Rachel: It's good, except he makes us watch The Discovery Channel all day long. Did you know that something really boring happened to someone really ugly in the Middle Ages?

    • Phoebe: (to Joey about his crush on Rachel) Honey, I wish you would get over her. I hate seeing you like this. Is there anything I can do for you? Do you want to look down my top?
      Joey: (touched) Thanks... maybe later.

    • Gunther: (to Joey) You want anything?
      : (in great despair) You know what I want?! I want a lot of things! I want to be with the woman I love on Valentine's Day and I want her to love me back! And I want just one moment of relief from the gut-wrenching pain of knowing that's never gonna happen!!
      Gunther: We have red bagels...?

    • Ross: (reading the videotape label) "Candy and Cookie"?
      Phoebe: Yeah. Candy's the mother, Cookie's the daughter. The father's also "Cookie"... Why am I friends with these people?

    • Ross: (to Monica) Hey... what have ya got behind your back?
      : (self-conscious) Nothing... just something I want to get Phoebe's opinion on for Valentine's day...
      : You don't want my opinion...?
      : Not really...
      : C'mon! I'm your older brother... ask me!
      : Oh, okay... big brother... (holds up two revealing articles of lingerie), which one of these do you think would make your little sister look hotter, so your best friend would want to do her?
      Ross: (reluctantly) The red one...

    • Phoebe: Look, I know you've been really depressed lately, so I brought someone over to cheer you up. Right outside this door is a real, live, furry playmate.
      Joey: No... I'm not sleeping with your friend Jane again.

    • Chandler: (picking up a video from the table and reading the title) "Candy and Cookie"... Candy and Cookie? Monica got me porn? Girl-on-girl porn?! She really must love me!

    • Chandler: (mistaking a birthing video for porn) Worst porn ever! Worst porn ever!
      Woman on Video: (crying out) Oh! Make it stop!
      Chandler(fumbling with the remote) I am trying!

    • Rachel: (talking baby-talk to the dog) You are just so cute... I wish I could stay here and play with you all day but I have to go to work... I hope I stop talking like this before my big marketing meeting... Yes I do...

    • Joey: (to the dog, after Rachel leaves) That's Rachel... she used to live here. We love her, but we can't have her. We really miss her... Hey, you're a guy--you understand, right? (lifts the dog and checks) ...Well you used to be.

    • (Rachel is now living at Ross's and Mona has dropped by for Valentine's Day)
      : (coming into the living room) I'm just gonna grab the phone...
      Mona: Oh, Rachel! Wait! Hey, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but, but, um... what are you doing?
      Rachel: Oh, I'm sorry! Do you need the phone?
      Mona: No, no. Listen, Ross is too nice to say anything, but this is his apartment, and, and, we gotta have some boundaries. So why don't you go back to your place and give us some privacy?
      (Ross is coming from the bedroom carrying a present) 
      Rachel: But, but, Mona... I live here.
      Ross: (handing Mona the present) Happy Valentine's Day! ...or something to remember me by...

    • Chandler: (about the birthing video) It haunts me! Up 'til now, the worst thing I ever saw was my father doing tequila shots off the naked houseboy. After this, I would gladly make that my screensaver!

    • Rachel: I had to get away from all the yelling. Mona is dumping Ross.
      Monica: Poor Ross...
      (Monica and Chandler hurry over to the window)
      Chandler: Great! We have to watch him doing yoga in his underwear, but for this he closes the drapes!

    • Monica: Rach', you know that birthing tape you wanted to see? It's here.
      Chandler: Oh, and we should warn you, before you watch it? ...don't watch it.
      Rachel: Why? You saw it? Is it scary?
      Chandler: Well, let's just say it's ironic how footage of someone being born can make you want to kill yourself.

    • Rachel: (about the birthing video) Why is that baby torturing that woman?
      Chandler: Why have I seen this thing three times?!
      Monica: It's still beautiful.
      Rachel: It's horrible!
      Monica: I know! I know, I'm so sorry for you!
      Rachel: Oh, my God!
      (Monica and Rachel cover their eyes)
      Rachel: What do I do? I don't want to do this! How do I get out of it?
      Chandler: You guys, you guys, look!
      Rachel: What? Did her ass explode?!

    • Ross: Mona just dumped me.
      Joey: Oh, man, I'm sorry. Why?
      Ross: Well, with everything that's been going on lately, I haven't exactly been the perfect boyfriend. Y'know, I mean, I didn't tell her I got Rachel pregnant. Then I, uh... I gave her a key to my apartment and then I had the locks changed. And then, I lied to her about Rachel moving in with me. In a way, I... actually judge her for not breaking up with me sooner.

    • Ross: Hey, hey, it's me... Why can't you tell me?
      Joey: Okay, sit down. There's this woman that I like... a lot. But, uh... it can't happen.
      Ross: She's not a Tribbiani?
      Joey: No!

    • Joey: (to Ross who's just about to leave Central Perk) ...It's Rachel.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Rachel: Oh, good God, Ross! ...Nick-at-Nite, once in awhile...
      nick@nite is evening programming on the Nickelodeon channel featuring a lineup of classic television shows.

    • Rachel: It's good, except he makes us watch The Discovery Channel all day long.
      The Discovery Channel is a cable TV channel that provides documentaries and other informative programming focussing on popular science, history and other topics of interest from around the world.

    • Chandler: You know when you first saw Jaws, how long it took you to get back into the water?
      Jaws is the 1975 Steven Spielberg movie about a great white killer shark. It made many people think twice about swimming in the ocean.