Season 1 Episode 7

The One with the Blackout

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 1994 on NBC

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  • A blackout in NY.

    And here comes the only blackout episode for Friends. All in all, this is quite a good episode. I really liked the Chandler story, with him being trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre, a Victoria's Secret Model. Those scenes with him being surprised are hilarious, and when he calls Joey to tell him about it, or the time when he is trying to talk to her, is even much more better. Definately one of the best episodes for Chandler. (And as I've heared, this is Matthew Perry's favorite episode.)

    We meet Paulo, a man who will do a lot of trouble for Ross, who is going to be dating Rachel for a while during the first season, and a man who I really don't like, mostly because I can not wait for Ross to finally get a chance at Rachel, but I guess we're gonna have to wait for that one for some time. The episode is written very good, although Phoebe, Monica and Joey don't have much to do in the episode, but they are filling in the blanks between the Chandler/Jill, and Ross/Rachel story pretty good. :-)