Season 1 Episode 7

The One with the Blackout

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 1994 on NBC

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  • Blackout out in New York city

    This is a totally awesome episode. In the episode a blackout occurred. During that time Joey, Ross, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe were talking about the weirdest place they ever had sex. Also Chandler is stuck in a atm vestibule with a victoria secret model named Jill Goodacre. This is the part that I had most fun watching. At the beginning Chandler was really shy and he said one of the funniest thing ever \"Gum would be perfection\". Who the heck would ever say that. A few minutes later Chandler started to choke and Jill Goodacre saved him. That is when he was finally able to talk to her and they actually had a good time. This is a good episode that people should watch