Season 9 Episode 16

The One with the Boob Job

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2003 on NBC

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  • "I mean, You wouldn't want any part of me to get any bigger would you?" - Chandler

    Monica and Chandler have financial problems so Monica decides to go to Joey to borrow money. Later Chandler wants to do the same thing and sees that Joey already wrote out a cheque to Monica. Joey, being the brilliant mind as he is, says that Monica wants a boob job. This causes a very funny misunderstanding between Chandler and Monica.
    Mike and Phoebe decide to move in together but for Mike that is as far as it's gonna get. Phoebe goes to Ross for weddingadvice (who else) and she figures out that she is more conventional than she thought and that she does want to get married. So they break up. This was sad because Mike's character is awesome, so I didn't like it that we didn't see him for a while.
    Rachel also tries to baby proof the apartment but it turns out she isn't all that handy.
    A decent episode.
  • Phoebe and Mike could of thought of an easier way.

    Good episode but not the best. I know Phoebe and Mike could of thought of more options or an easier way. Mike should of not told Phoebe about that until the time is right and Phoebe should of told the truth right away. Rachel gets the apartment baby proof which leaves Joey frustrated. The best part of this episode was with Joey and the whole boob job and Chandler freaking out with Monica saying her ass will get bigger and other stuff when she meant when they have a baby. Chandler was like oh at the end. Everyone then turns to Joey.
  • funny, monica's breast enhancement

    When Monica and Chandler are financially strapped, she secretly asks Joey for a large loan now that he is big again. When an unsuspecting Chandler also approaches his pal for some cash, Joey accidentally betrays Monica's confidence and then freaks out Chandler when he covers by saying she wants the money for a breast enhancement much to chandlers disagreement. Meanwhile, Phoebe asks Mike to move in with her, but changes her mind after a disagreement about marriage. Rachel's attempt to baby-proof the apartment tampers with a frustrated Joey's sanity as he cannot get past the traps that were intended for the baby.
  • I think Phoebe and Mike didn't explore every possible avenue...

    I think Phoebe and Mike didn't explore every possible avenue. You see, she wants to get married, he doesn't want to get married. We never really know if Mike ever wants to have don't have to be married to have kids. That's the really dumb part of the episode, so naturally I hated that plot. I really liked the whole Joey, Chandler and Monica plot, it was the best part of the episode. I like this episode in general. :)
  • The episode in itself is not one of the best, but it has some good points and a dip further into the friendship between Phoebe and Ross.

    I'm not really in favour of storylines which center around Joey being stupid. For one thing he wasn't this stupid in the first seasons, and for another it's getting old. Yeah we know, he's not the sharpest crayon in the box, please change the record.

    I bet Monica was rather pleased with Chandler though, considering his previous comments on women and the fact that he seems to watch an awful lot of porn. It must be nice to know that he doesn't want his wife to get fake boobs. However I think Chandler would have gone to her directly and told her that he found out about her alleged boob job and asked her to reconsider, it makes no sense for him to be beating around the bush this way.

    Rachel trying to baby proof the apartment was kind of fun.

    Phoebe's relationship with Mike took a turn for the better and then a turn for the worse. I felt bad for Phoebe, but she did make the right choice. I really liked the scenes where she went to Ross for advice and he did his best to come through for her. The friendship between Phoebe and Ross is probably the one that has gotten the least attention, aside from Rachel's friendship with Chandler. I really like it whenever we get glimpses of these ties. And Phoebe and Ross make a great pair, they are always fun to watch.

    By the way, did you notice that when Phoebe said she wanted to be with someone who wanted the same things as her, Chandler cast a glance at Monica? It was probably a coincidence, but it felt like a nod to the storyline where Monica almost left Chandler because she thought he didn't want to get married.