Season 1 Episode 13

The One with the Boobies

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 1995 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: A couple of changes have been made to Chandler and Joey's apartment for this episode. For one thing, their sofa has been rotated 180 degrees (the back used to face the audience). This was likely to accommodate the scene in which Chandler and Joey are sleeping in the fold-out bed, and would have to face the audience. A more dramatic change is in the fact that a bathtub and shower now exist opposite the bathroom door, necessary to accommodate the scenes where various people are "caught" in the shower. In the previous episode, "The One with the Dozen Lasagnas", there is a sink on the wall opposite the bathroom door. Interestingly enough, the next time we see the bathroom ("The One with the Stoned Guy"), the bathtub/shower are gone and the sink is back where it used to be with skis standing in the corner..

    • Goof: When Joey puts the bag of groceries beside the fridge, it falls over. Afterward, whenever the camera angle changes, the bag alternates between standing up and lying down throughout the scene.

    • Continuity: When Joey and Chandler meet Ronni in the hall for the first time we see a radiator next to their door. This radiator is absent in later episodes.

    • Continuity: Joey's dad seems surprised things are wrong between Ross and his wife. However, when Joey first meets Ross in "The One with the Flashback" Ross is depressed that his wife's a lesbian. In other words, Ross's marriage hasn't been going well the entire time Joey has known Ross.

    • Trivia: In this episode we learn that Joey is really Joey Jr.

    • Continuity: Phoebe uses the intercom and has Monica buzz her in the building. Any other time she and Ross just come right in, and in the very last episode of the series the entire gang has their own key.

    • Trivia: In this episode, Joey's mother refers to him as "Cookie", although this is also the name of one of his sisters (revealed in season 3). This raises the question, is "Cookie" just a term of endearment in the family, or is that her daughter's real name?

    • Trivia: This is the first episode where Chandler tells the gang about his father. We know now that he is dressed as a woman following younger men.

  • Quotes

    • Rachel: (angry) What?
      Chandler: (to Rachel) That's a relatively open weave and I can still see your... nippular area.

    • Phoebe: Honey, tell them the story about your patient who thinks things are like other things. You know? Like when the phone rings and she takes a shower.
      Roger: That's pretty much it.
      Phoebe: Oops.
      Roger: But you tell it really well, sweetie.
      Phoebe: Okay. Now go away so we can talk about you.

    • Phoebe: (about Roger) I know, I know. So sweet... and so complicated. And for a shrink, he's not too shrinky, ya know?
      Monica: So, you think you'll do it on his couch?
      Phoebe: Oh, I don't know, I don't know. I think that's a little weird, ya know? Vinyl.

    • Rachel: (at Central Perk) Any of you guys want anything else?
      Chandler: Oh, yes, could I have one of those...
      Rachel: No, I'm sorry, we're all out of those. Anybody else?

    • Ross: What were you doing seeing her boobies?
      Chandler: It was an accident. It's not like I was across the street with a telescope and a box of donuts.

    • Rachel: Okay, okay, can we change the subject, please?
      Phoebe: (gesturing to Rachel's chest) Yeah, you know, these aren't her "boobies." These are her breasts.
      Rachel: Okay Pheebs, I was hoping for more of a change.
      Monica: I always liked "Bazoombas." Kind of gives them a Latin spin.
      Rachel: Can we drop this already, please?
      Chandler: I don't know why you are so embarrassed. They were very nice boobies.
      Rachel: "Nice"? They were "nice"? I mean, that's it? I mean, mittens are "nice".
      Chandler: (gesturing) Okay, rock, hard place... me!

    • (Joey has asked how long his dad has been seeing Ronni)
      Mr. Tribbiani: Remember when you were a little kid, I used to take you to the navy yard and show you the big ships?
      Joey: Since then?!
      Mr. Tribbiani: No, it's only been six years. I just wanted to put a nice memory in your head so you'd know that I wasn't always such a terrible guy.

    • Mr. Tribbiani: Joe, your dad's in love big time. And the worst part of it is, it's with two different women.
      Joey: Oh man. Please tell me one of them is Ma.

    • Rachel: Tit for tat.
      Chandler: Well I'm not showing you my tat.

    • Monica: (fighting with Ross about what Roger said) Ya know, all these years, I thought you were on my side. But maybe what you were doing was sucking up to Mom and Dad so they'd keep liking you better!
      Ross: Hey, I married a lesbian to make you look good!

    • Roger: Listen guys, it was great seeing you again. Mon, um, easy on those cookies, okay? Remember, they're just food, they're not love.

    • Joey: (to his father) I don't care how old you are, as long as you're under my roof you're gonna live by my rules. And that means no sleeping with your girlfriend.
      Ronni: Wow. He's strict.

    • (Joey Sr. and Ronni are sleeping over and Ronni gets Chandler's bed)
      : Come on, I'll show you to my room... That sounds so weird when it's not followed by "No thanks, it's late".

    • Joey: Okay, now this is just for tonight. Starting tomorrow, you better make a change. Six years is long enough.
      Mr. Tribbiani: What kind of change?
      Joey: Either you break it off with Ronni...
      Mr. Tribbiani: I can't do that.
      Joey: Then you gotta come clean with Ma! This is not right! (Mr. Tribbiani tries to interrupt.) I don't wanna hear it! Now go to my room!

    • Joey: I can't sleep with my underwear on.
      Chandler: Well you're gonna!

    • Chandler: (to Joey) I'd like to believe that when the right woman comes along, you will have the courage and the guts to say "No thanks, I'm married".

    • Rachel: (pointing to the shower) You were supposed to be in there so I could see your thing.
      Chandler: (pointing to his bedroom) Sorry, my thing was in there with me.

    • Phoebe: Oh! Roger's having a dinner thing and he wanted me to invite you guys.
      (Chandler laughs disdainfully)
      Phoebe: (sensing no support from anyone) So what's going on?
      Monica: Nothing, um, it's just, um... It's Roger.
      Ross: I dunno, there's just something about...
      Chandler: Basically we just feel that he's, uh...
      Rachel: We hate that guy!
      Monica: We hate him!
      Ross: We're sorry, Pheebs, we're sorry...
      Phoebe: Uh-huh. Okay. Okay, don't you think, maybe, though, it's just that he's so perceptive that it freaks you out?
      All: ...No, we hate him.

    • Chandler: If I turn into my parents, I'll either be an alcoholic blond chasing after twenty-year-old boys or... I'll end up like my mom.

    • Phoebe: Hey, Joey. What's going on?
      Joey: Clear the tracks for the boobie payback express. Next stop: Rachel Green.
      (He goes into the bathroom, we hear a scream. He comes out, closely followed by Monica in a towel)
      Monica: Joey!! What the hell were you doing?!
      Joey: Sorry. Wrong boobies.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Gloria: Look, honey, in an ideal world, there would be no her, and your father would look like Sting.

      Sting is an English singer and bass player, famous for headlining The Police, a late 1970s and 1980s rock band, but has since gone on to a solo career.

    • Gloria: Of course I knew. What do you think? Your father is no James Bond.

      James Bond 007 is a fictional British agent created in 1952 by writer Ian Fleming. Bond is featured in twelve novels and is arguably the most famous & most recognizable fictional character ever due to the unparalleled success of his 21 films (1962-2006).

    • Rachel: You're right. I mean you're right. It wasn't just the Weebles, but it was the Weeble play palace, and the Weebles cruise ship. Oh which had this little life boat for the Weebles to wobble in.

      Weebles are a line of children's toys from Playskool. Shaped like eggs with a weight at the bottom, they wobble when pushed, but never fall completely over, hence the name. A wide range of accessories were available for the Weebles including vehicles, buildings and furniture.

    • Chandler: Things sure have changed here on Walton's Mountain.

      Walton's Mountain is the name of a fictional town in Virginia which was the setting for the American television show, The Waltons.