Season 2 Episode 2

The One with the Breast Milk

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

Carol & Susan show baby Ben off to the group. Ben begins to cry & Carol begins to breastfeed him. Chandler & Joey leave & Ross follows them. He tells the guys that breastfeeding is natural. They enter the living room again. Chandler & Joey ask Carol about breast-feeding. At Central Perk, everyone is there. Julie notices Rachel's apron untied and ties it for her. Rachel turns to Chandler and says "what a bitch". Julie asks if anyone wants to go to Bloomingdale's with her, Rachel's favorite store. Monica agrees. Julie leaves with Ross. Joey & Chandler immediately pounce on Monica for agreeing to go shopping with Rachel's arch-nemesis. At a Department Store, Joey is trying to sell cologne to men. But he has no luck. Annabelle, a pretty coworker, tells Joey about the new cologne guy called "the Hombre man." The man enters in western attire, asks a man to try "Hombre" & the man does. Later that day, Joey asks Annabelle out for a coffee date but the Hombre Man got there first. At Monica & Rachel's, Phoebe prepares Ben's milk. She squirts some on her wrist & tastes it, much to the disgust of everyone there, except Joey who takes a taste. Ross is very distressed. Later on, Rachel enters the living room as Monica enters the apartment. The rest of the gang took Ben to the park. Monica hands Rachel her jacket that she borrowed. Rachel cleans out the pockets & notices a receipt for lunch of $53. Monica confesses to lunch with Julie & Bloomingdales. Rachel is shocked & crushed as she leaves the apartment. Carol & Susan come by to pick up Ben. Phoebe tells the women that she tasted the breast milk & Ross freaked out. Carol gets a little upset that Ross would act so infantile. Susan lets in that she has tasted it. Ross rolls up his sleeves, squirts some milk on his arm, & just as quick wipes it off again. At Chandler & Joey's, Joey enters dressed in a cowboy suit. He is the new Hombre man. He tells Chandler about his dislike for the original Hombre man. Chandler gives Joey a pep talk, telling him to "show him that you are the baddest hombre west of the lingerie." Monica pleads with Rachel for forgiveness. Rachel tells Monica that she can't handle the idea that Julie has "stolen" Ross but now Monica; she starts to cry. Monica starts to cry & they hug. Monica asks Rachel to just give Julie one chance & she agrees. At the Department Store, Joey & the Hombe man face off in an old West type showdown. They stare at each other as the store manager slowly lets in the first customer. Joey & the guy prepare to draw in slow motion. As the customer walks by, the Hombre man misfires & sprays it into a customer's eyes. Annabelle rushes over to see this & Joey takes her out for coffee. At Central Perk, Rachel & Julie sit on a couch trying to be comfortable with one another. Julie tells Rachel that she is intimidated of her because of Ross' feelings for her. Rachel confesses how hard it was to see her with Ross but she has gotten used to it. After Julie leaves, Rachel replies "what a manipulative bitch."