Season 2 Episode 2

The One with the Breast Milk

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1995 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Monica: (about Julie) Rachel, say that I'm friends with her, we spend some time together... is that so terrible?
      Rachel: Yes.
      Monica: It's that terrible?
      Rachel: Yes. Monica, you don't get it. It's bad enough that she's stolen the guy who might actually be the person that I am supposed to be with, but now... she's actually... (bursts into tears) ...but now, she's actually stealing you!
      Monica: Me? What are you talking about? Nobody could steal me from you. I mean, just because I'm friends with her doesn't make me any less friends with you. I mean, you're my... We're, we're... (bursting into tears) Oh, I love you!
      Rachel: I love you too... (they hug)
      Phoebe: You guys, um, I know that this really doesn't have anything to do with me? ...but, um, (joining in the hug) ...I love you guys too!! (then after they separate) Oh... I really needed that.