Season 10 Episode 4

The One with the Cake

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

It's Emma's first birthday, so Rachel and Ross are adamant that the rest of the group are there for it. Chandler and Monica complain because they wanted to go on a weekend in the mountains, where Chandler wants to do something with Monica he read about in Maxim. On Emma's birthday everyone turns up, some more reluctantly than others, and are annoyed to find that Emma is still napping and Rachel won't wake her up. Ross and Rachel decide to do a video diary of the day, interviewing everyone, and Joey even starts hitting on the viewers-to-be when they show it to Emma aged 18. During Chandler's speech he says, "Hi Emma. It's the year 2020. Are you still enjoying your nap?" Joey didn't know that he had to get Emma a present, so decides to perform a dramatic reading of one of her books, inspired by Phoebe who wrote a song as her gift. Joey gives his reading and makes Rachel cry with emotion. This is followed by Phoebe who sings:

"Emma, your name poses quite a dilemma, cos' nothing much rhymes with Emma, except Richard Crenna, he plays the commanding officer in Rambo! Happy Birthday, Emma!"

After just getting blank looks from everyone, she decides to also do a dramatic reading, picks up a book, and starts, "Finding your G-Spot..."

Rachel gets out Emma's cake and discovers that rather than a bunny cake with Emma's face on it, the bakers have made her a penis shaped cake with Emma's face on it. Rachel and Ross drive to New Jersey to the bakery to get a new one, after making everyone promise they will not leave the party. But once they've gone, Joey lets Monica's parents go because Jack fought for the country, but won't let anyone else go. Monica and Chandler still want to go to Vermont, Phoebe has a massage client waiting, and Joey realizes he has an audition to go to. So they decide to race Emma's wind-up toys to decide who stays with Emma. Ross manages to convert the penis cake into a bunny. When they all get together at the end Joey exclaims, "What is wrong with me? It looked more delicious when it was a penis!"