Season 10 Episode 4

The One with the Cake

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2003 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Rachel says that the cake she ordered for Emma's birthday contains nuts. Although necessary for the "nuts" joke, you would never put nuts in a one year-old's cake. Their molars, necessary for properly masticating nuts, don't usually arrive until their second year. Nuts may also present problems as a choking hazard or with possible allergic reactions.

    • Continuity: Emma was born in May for the Season 8 finale, however, in this episode, her birthday is celebrated in October. What's more, if you consider the fact that she was conceived in mid-April of 2001--one month before Chandler and Monica's wedding--her first birthday should have been the previous January, nine months earlier.

    • Continuity: In "The One Where Rachel Has a Baby (2)", Phoebe and Ross are looking into the nursery as Emma is brought in by one of the nurses. The card on her baby capsule reads "Emma Geller-Greene". Whereas, in this episode, the cake box that Ross brings in is labelled "Green".

    • Continuity: When Estelle tells Joey he needs a monologue for his audition, he says he doesn't have a monologue prepared. But in "The One in Barbados (1)", Joey says that he memorized a monologue from Star Wars for an audition.

    • Goof: At Emma's first birthday, her half-brother Ben and her maternal grandparents and aunts are not in attendance. If the party was for people that were close to Emma and her family, why wasn't anyone from Rachel's family there?

    • Continuity: Judy says that both her parents died very young. However, we saw her mother's death in "The One Where Nana Dies Twice" and she was quite old. Also, in "The One with Phoebe's Cookies", Jack tells Chandler that his in-laws are still alive.

    • Goof: When Joey asked Jack and Judy Geller if their gift to Emma could be from all three of them, Jack asked Joey "Which one are you?" However, there are only three men in the Friends "group." Ross is Jack's son, and Chandler is his son-in-law (and Jack has known Chandler for years since he was Ross's college roommate). So with whom was Jack confusing Joey?

    • Phoebe's Song: "Emma" 
       Emma, your name poses a dilemma, 
       'Cause not much else rhymes with Emma. 
       Maybe the actor Richard Crenna, 
       --he played the commanding officer in Rambo
       Happy Birthday Emma!

    • Magna Doodle: Happy, happy 1

    • Goof: Phoebe is the only one who is not asked to record a message to Emma for her 18th birthday video.

    • Continuity: How is Ross's tan from the previous episode gone? It doesn't go away that quickly--especially since he was a 12!

  • Quotes

    • Rachel: (to Chandler and Monica) You can't go away this weekend, it's Emma's birthday--we're having a party.
      Monica: Okay, can't you just have the party when we get back?
      Rachel: No... Then it won't be her real birthday!
      Chandler: Gee... If only she were one and didn't know what the hell a birthday was...

    • Monica: I'm sorry, but Chandler and I could really use a weekend away to reconnect... emotionally.
      Chandler: There's this thing I really want us to do. I read about it in Maxim.
      Rachel: Well, can't you just go to Vermont the next day?
      Ross: Yeah, we really want everyone to be there--as much as I hate to delay your doing weird sex stuff to my little sister!

    • Rachel: Y'know, Pheebs... when I was little, on my birthday, my daddy would hide a present in every room of the house... and then he would draw me a treasure map to help me find them all.
      Phoebe: Oh, I love family traditions like that! When, um, when Ursula and I were kids, on our birthday, our step-dad would sell his blood to buy us food.

    • Rachel: We had this idea to make a birthday video for Emma, and we'll give it to her when she's eighteen.
      Phoebe: Oh, cool! Wow, it's like a time capsule. Oh, just think! She's gonna be watching that video on a TV that hasn't been invented yet, with friends who right now are just babies! ...and they'll be living in a floating city that the humans built to escape the ant people!

    • Ross: Is Emma awake yet?
      Rachel: Oh, no... it's still nap time. But she'll be up soon.
      Ross: Ah... and where is Joey?
      Rachel: I said it's still nap time.

    • Ross: (turning his video camera on Joey) Hey! There's uncle Joey. Say something to Emma on her eighteenth birthday.
      Joey: (leering at the camera) Eighteen, huh...?
      Ross: Joey, no!
      Joey: What? It's for her hot friends!

    • Joey: (panicked) We were supposed to bring presents?
      Phoebe: Yeah. ...I wrote Emma a song.
      Joey: Oh, yeah. How was I supposed to know?
      Phoebe: Joey, it's a birthday party.
      Joey: Yeah but for a one year-old! What's the point? The other day she laughed for like an hour at a cup... just a cup with a picture of Elmo on it dressed as a farmer... and he's standing next to this cow... (chuckling) and the cow says, "El-moooo." (laughing and slapping the table) Man, that's a funny cup!

    • Chandler: Hey, where's the birthday girl?
      Rachel: Oh, she's still napping.
      Chandler: Oh, sure, she was probably up all night excited about the party she knows is happening.

    • Monica: Now, let's wake up Emma and get the fun times started.
      Rachel: No, really, she didn't sleep well last night, so we can't wake her up.
      Monica: Are you friggin' kidding me, Green?!

    • Judy: (to Monica) I remember your first birthday. Ross was getting jealous of all the attention you were getting, so he pulled on his testicles so hard, we had to bring him to the emergency room.

    • Joey: Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Geller! Let me help you with that.
      (Joey takes the present they brought for Emma)
      Jack: Thank-you.
      Joey: Oh man, this is great, huh? The three of us together again. You know what would be more fun? ...if we gave this present to Emma from all of us!
      Jack: (somewhat put off) Which one are you?

    • Monica: I can't believe Emma's still asleep...
      Chandler: I know... what're we gonna do?
      Monica: I've got a plan! I've got a plan! I'm going to ram this platter really hard into your ribs, okay? You're gonna scream out... and that'll wake her up!
      Chandler: I'm not going to Vermont with this Monica.

    • Joey: Hey Pheebs, y'know what? I was thinkin', since you wrote a song, maybe I could do something for Emma using my talents!
      Phoebe: So, you're gonna hit on her?

    • Joey: (to Phoebe) Hey, I think Emma might like it.
      Rachel: (overhearing) Oh, Emma might like what?
      Joey:Um... my present.
      Rachel: What did you get her?
      Joey: Actually, we prepared performances.
      Phoebe: ...Well, separate performances.
      Joey: But equally real!

    • Rachel: Joey and Phoebe are going to perform a little something for us.
      Ross: Oh, great.
      Phoebe: (to Joey) Aren't you going to be embarrassed going up there having nothing prepared?
      Joey: Hey, I do it every week with three cameras pointed at me and a whole crew waiting.

    • Judy: (taping a message to Emma) Hello Emma. Happy eighteenth birthday!
      Jack: Right now that seems so far away--seventeen years...
      Judy: Yes, you'll be all grown up by then and we'll be... Well, your grandfather and I might not be here.
      Jack: That's true. This message could be coming to you from beyond the grave, Emma.
      Judy: After all, my parents died very young...
      Jack: ...and my cholesterol's off the charts!
      Judy: Remember, Emma, heart disease kills women, too.
      Ross: Okay, cut! Great. Great. That was, that was just... yeah.

    • (Emma's birthday cake turned out to be an erotic cake by mistake, shaped like a penis)
      Rachel: If I wanted this cake to be a disaster, I would have baked it myself!
      Joey: Uh, is it okay that I still think it looks delicious?
      Judy: Jack, look at this.
      Jack: I know what you're thinking, Judy... The resemblance is uncanny.

    • Ross: (to Rachel who's on the phone to the bakery) Ask them if it would be faster if we cut the baby's face off the penis so we could put it on the bunny... (reflecting) That is a weird sentence.

    • Rachel: (on the phone to the bakery) Yes, yes, I still want my daughter's picture, but on a bunny cake... yellow cake, chocolate frosting with nuts.
      Chandler: To be fair, this one does have nuts.

    • Ross: Hey, Mon... It was really nice of you to loan Rachel your car so she could go get the cake.
      Monica: (with a fake smile) Ah... it was so nice of her to pull my hair until I dropped the key.

    • Chandler: (taping his and Monica's message to Emma) Hi, Emma! It's the year 2020! Are you still enjoying your nap?
      Monica: We're Aunt Monica and Uncle Chandler, by the way. You may not recognize us because we haven't spoken to your parents in seventeen years!
      Chandler: We used to be married, but then we missed a weekend away together and things kind of unraveled... because of you! Happy birthday!

    • Ross: Joey, you're in charge. You make sure nobody leaves.
      Joey: Got it! (Chandler walks across the room)
      Joey: Hey, hey, hey, where do you think you're goin'?
      Chandler: To the bathroom!
      Joey: Alright. Well, the rest of you get comfortable, because we're gonna be here for... Wait a minute, there's a window in there!
      Phoebe: Oh, no, he's not getting away that easy!
      (Chandler and Phoebe charge into the bathroom)
      Chandler: (shouting) What're you doing?! Get the hell out of here!
      Joey: (returning) Well, that one did not have Emma's face on it.

    • Monica: (about who should stay with Emma) Okay, how about this? I've got wind-up toys for Emma for her birthday. We can make them race and whoever comes in last stays.
      Phoebe: Yeah! Let's do that!
      Chandler: That sounds more fun than the thing we were going to do in Vermont!
      Monica: Okay, everybody pick your toys!
      Phoebe: Okay. I want the dolphin!
      Chandler: That's a bear.
      Phoebe: I'm too excited!

    • Ross: (having reshaped the "penis" cake to look like a bunny) Some can sing, some can dance... I, apparently, can turn phallic cakes into woodland creatures.

    • Monica: (to Emma) Now, another way to organize your stuffed animals is by size...
      Chandler: I'm sorry... is this a game for Emma, or for Monica?
      Monica: Game...?

    • Chandler: Emma, how old are you? How old are you today? (he holds up his index finger, and she holds up her finger too.)
      Rachel: Oh! Emma, that's right! You're that many!
      Ross: Oh my, God! Our daughter's a genius! Rach, this means--
      Rachel: No! No science camp!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Title:
      France: Celui qui transformait le gâteau d'anniversaire (The One Who Altered the Birthday Cake)

    • Elliott Gould (Jack Geller) is credited as a "Special Appearance."

    • Christina Pickles (Judy Geller) received the "and" credit.

    • This is the final appearance of Christina Pickles and Elliott Gould as Ross and Monica's parents, Jack and Judy Geller. They are 2 of the 4 non-Friends who appeared in all ten seasons (Gunther and Janice are the others). Jack Geller was in 20 episodes of Friends and Judy Geller was in 19 episodes.

    • This is the final appearance of June Gable as Estelle Leonard. Later in this season the character dies, but June Gable does not appear; only her photograph is seen at the memorial service. Estelle was in 11 episodes of Friends.

    • Rare episode in which no scenes take place in Monica's apartment.

    • This episode runs 23:23 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

  • Allusions

    • Chandler: There's this thing I really want us to do. I read about it in Maxim.

      Maxim is a popular men's magazine known for its revealing pictures of female celebrities.

    • Phoebe: (singing) ...Maybe the actor Richard Crenna--he played the commanding officer in Rambo.
      Richard Crenna was an American actor, who starred in The Sand Pebbles, Body Heat, The Flamingo Kid, and the Rambo series.

    • Joey(reading) Love you forever...  
      Love You Forever is a children's book by Canadian author Robert Munsch. Munsch wrote the book after he had two babies still-born. It has sold over fifteen million copies worldwide.

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