Season 4 Episode 2

The One with the Cat

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1997 on NBC

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  • A step down from the premiere.

    I agree with Ross on this one, the whole thing as Phoebe's mom being reincarnated to a cat was just idiotic & a waste of a plot. That plot dried up a part of the episode. Although Joey & Chandler getting robbed was pretty funny. Joey is so stupid! But I love Joey for making the show a bit interesting. Hope this arc continues with no furniture. Meanwhile Monica goes on a date with Chip from high school. I loved how he was such a failure & the personal hi-jinx between Ross & Rachel. An okay episode. Phoebe's plot sort of ruined it.
  • He was Trying to make a Sale!

    I thought this was a terrific episodes. A lot of people say the plot with Phoebe was corny, but I totally disagree. I believe it was endearing, because the thing with the show is Ross is almost always right, and to see him give up that for Phoebe shows that he is a good person who is there for his friends. But my favorite part was the robbery. It just seems like something that would happen them. That's Just Joey and Chandler's kind of luck. I LOVED the little sketch board by the door saying "Thanks for all your stuff." Although those plot were brilliant I found the plot about Monica and Chip a little annoying, but that's probably just because of what he did to Rachel. I give this episode a B+
  • A terrific comedic episode that demonstrates what the show is capable of when it leans back and just has fun.

    TOW The Cat is a great example of how funny this show can be, even when it largely abandons the soap opera-ish elements. All of the characters share in the fun, and each gets to flex their comedic chops. I particularly enjoyed Monica's date with Rachel's old high school prom date. His inability to leave his high school memories and persona provides some really funny moments. Chandler and Joey getting their apartment fleeced as they attempt to sell their entertainment center is hilarious as well. The scenes with Phoebe and the cat are less effective, but still humorous. There's even some amusing Ross/Rachel sniping that caps off a fun episode.
  • Funny

    I think that Joey and Phoebe are probably the most funny characters out of the six. Phoebe thought that hers moms spirit was inside a cat and Joey was selling his and Chandlers entertainment unit. I thought it was hilarious when Chandler came in and noticed that all their furniture had gone and that Joey was locked inside the entertainment unit.
  • Quite good episode.

    An average episode by Friends standards, this is funny nonetheless. Monica goes out with a person from high school, who can't get rid of his high school roots and hasn't changed at all. Joey and Chandler agree to sell the entertainment system but their apartment is robbed when Joey voluntarily goes in it and is trapped. Phoebe believes her mother comes back to her as a cat, but the gang have to tell her when they find out it belongs to a little girl. She reluctantly gives the cat away. A humorous episode in all the storylines, this one just doesn't have any defining moments. The best parts of it are probably the little snaps between Ross and Rachel.