Season 4 Episode 2

The One with the Cat

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Factual Error: Joey did a little false advertising. His ad reads "...the finest oak east of the Mississippi", however, the entertainment unit is obviously made of plywood. Although it is possible to get plywood with a hardwood veneer on the outside, such as oak, that is clearly not the case here.

    • Only on Television: Although necessary for the purposes of the story, in reality, the thief couldn't have gotten away with all of Chandler and Joey's things. Someone as strong, feisty and unafraid as Joey would not have just sat there twiddling his thumbs for an hour while the thief carried away all their belongings; he would have kicked open the door of the entertainment unit the moment he realized what the thief was doing--it wasn't exactly a bank vault. For example, the little metal handles the thief shoved the hockey stick through are attached by tiny screws through plywood. At the very least, the sounds of violent kicking and splintering of wood would have discouraged the thief from returning for a second visit. Afterwards, when Joey says, "If I ever run into that guy again, y'know what I'm gonna do?", Chandler replies, "Bend over?!" In effect, that's what Joey did this time.

    • Phoebe's Song:
      "Dumb, Drunken Bitch"
       ...dumb, drunken bitch!

    • Magna Doodle: SPAM TO THE WORLD!
      Magna Doodle

    • Continuity: In "The One With the List", Monica says that she is allergic to cat hair, yet in this episode she is comfortable with a cat right in front of her. She also mentions several other times that she is allergic to cats and in Season 5 when Rachel gets the hairless cat she even has an allergic reaction to it.

    • Goof: When Rachel is supposedly on the phone calling Chip, you can clearly see that she does not dial. The camera goes to Ross and then back to Rachel real quick and there's no way she could have dialed the numbers that fast.
      Note: Rachel checks the message Monica took and then pokes the phone's keypad with her thumb and we hear a chirp as she begins to dial. Admittedly, it wouldn't be enough time to dial in the real world, but it's not as though she doesn't dial at all.

    • Factual Error: Aren't animals, besides special-help dogs, banned from any place that serves food like Central Perk?

  • Quotes

    • (Chandler sidesteps the entertainment unit but rips his jacket)
      Chandler: (to Joey) Wow! That ripped! That ripped real nice!

    • Ross: (to Monica about the guy on her answering machine) Who's Chip?
      Monica: Chip! ...Chip Matthews!
      Ross: The guy who took Rachel to the prom? Why is he calling you?
      Monica: Because I ran into him at the bank... He is still... so cute!
      Ross: (facetiously) Monica, you are so lucky! He's like the most popular guy in school!
      Monica: I know!!

    • Ross: (to Rachel at Monica's) I was just leaving...
      Rachel: Good... cause I've got a product report to read. It's like eight pages... I hope I don't fall asleep.
      Ross: Why, did you write it?

    • Ross: (reading Joey's ad in the newspaper) Say, here's a question. Where did you guys get "...the finest oak east of the Mississippi"?
      Chandler: Nuh-uh... First you tell us where you got the prettiest lace in all the land.
      Ross: I'm reading your ad...
      Joey: Looks good, huh?
      Ross: Yeah...
      Chandler: (reading) "Stunning entertainment center. Fine... fine Italian craftsmanship..."
      Phoebe: Oh, my God! You guys are selling the entertainment center?
      Rachel: Why? I love that thing.
      Chandler: You want it?
      Phoebe & Rachel: Oh, no!

    • Chandler: (reading Joey's ad) Uh, Geppetto? Five thousand dollars? Are you insane?!
      Joey: The ad alone cost three hundred bucks!
      Chandler: Alright, look. I'm changing it to "Fifty dollars or your best offer."
      Joey: What kind of profit is that? And you call yourself an accountant?
      Chandler: (realizing Joey doesn't know what he does for a living) No...

    • Phoebe: I just... I just have this really strong feeling that this cat is my mother.
      Rachel: You mean the mom you met in Montauk? She was a cat?
      Chandler: Well, that makes the fact that she owns beachfront property all the more impressive.

    • Joey: (pointing to the cat Phoebe believes is her reincarnated mother) Dude! Phoebe's mom's got a huge pair of--
      Chandler: Let it go!

    • Rachel: (to Monica about her date) I mean, why, of all people, do you have to go out with Chip?
      Monica: Look, you and I went to different high schools...
      Rachel: That doesn't help me, because we went to the same high school.
      Monica: (explaining) You went to one where you were popular... and you got to ride off on Chip's motorcycle... and wear his letterman jacket. I went to one where I wore a band uniform they had to have specially made.
      Rachel: They had to have that specially made?!
      Monica: It was a project for one of the Home Ec' classes.
      Rachel: Oh, my God! ...they told us that was for the mascot!

    • Ross: So you guys having any luck getting rid of the entertainment center?
      Joey: Well, there were a couple of calls last night, but, I don't think any of them are gonna work out.
      Chandler: Yes, Joey has a very careful screening process. Apparently, not everyone is qualified to own wood and nails.

    • (Ross has said they should return Phoebe's "Mom" to its rightful owner)
      Rachel: I hate it when Ross is right!
      Monica: He is right, isn't he?
      Chandler: Y'know what? This might be one of the times when he's wrong...
      All: You think...?
      Chandler: Oh, no... He's right.

    • Rachel: (answering the door for Monica's date, her cheating ex-boyfriend) Hello, Chip.
      Chip: Hey Rach'! How ya doin'?
      Rachel: I'm great! I'm great. I've got a great job at Bloomingdale's, have wonderful friends, and even though I'm not seeing anyone right now, I've really never felt better about myself.
      Chip: So, uh... Monica ready yet?
      Rachel: She'll be out in a second... So, Chip, how's Amy Welch?
      Chip: Amy Welch? Wow! I haven't seen her since... So, Monica about ready?

    • Chandler: (comes home to find all their stuff gone and Joey locked in the entertainment center) Are you alright?
      Joey: Yeah... 
      Chandler: (letting Joey out) What happened?
      Joey: (looking around) Awww, man! He promised he wouldn't take the chairs!
      Chandler(in a rage) What the hell happened? How were you locked in there? Where the hell's all of our stuff?!
      Joey: Well, this guy came by to look at the unit and he said he didn't think it was big enough to fit a grown man...
      Chandler: So you got in voluntarily?
      Joey: I was tryin' to make a sale! Oh man, if I ever run into that guy again, y'know what I'm gonna do...?
      Chandler: Bend over?!

    • Rachel: Wow, they really got you guys... Your TV, the chairs...
      Phoebe: Yeah... Your microwave, the stereo...
      Joey: (looking through a deck of cards) Oh, man... he took the five of spades! Oh, no, no... (relieved) Here it is...

    • Monica: What happened here?
      Chandler: Well, Joey was born. And twenty-eight years later, I was robbed!

    • Rachel: So, how was your date?
      Monica: Well, you know how I always wanted to go out with Chip Matthews in high school?
      Rachel: Mm-hmm...
      Monica: (stressing the irony) Well, tonight, I actually went out with Chip Matthews in high school.
      Rachel: Oh, honey, I'm sorry.
      Monica: No, it's okay. Not only did I get to go out with Chip Matthews, I got to dump Chip Matthews.
      Rachel: Oh, that's so great!
      Monica: I know!!

    • Ross: Hey! So, uh, what did the insurance company say?
      Chandler: Oh, they said, uh, "You don't have insurance here, so stop calling us."

    • Phoebe: Ross, how many parents have you ever lost?
      Ross: None.
      Phoebe: Then you don't know what it feels like when one of them comes back.

    • Phoebe: (to the cat) I want you to know how much you mean to me, and you can come back and visit any time you like.
      Chandler: Pheebs, if she could come back as a couch, we would really appreciate it.

    • Ross: (trying to help out Joey and Chandler) Oh! Y'know, I've got an extra futon...
      Joey: Dude, you don't have to brag! We got nothin' here!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Chandler: Uh, Geppetto? Five thousand dollars? Are you insane?!
      Geppetto was a woodworker in the novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Italian author Carlo Collodi. The story is about a marionette he carved that wanted to become a real boy. The book was successfully adapted into the 1940 Walt Disney film Pinocchio.

    • Rachel: Jurassic Park... could happen!
      Jurassic Park is a 1993 sci-fi thriller, adapted from a novel by Michael Crichton about genetically-engineered dinosaurs.

    • Rachel: (to irk Ross) ...Actually, I do think Kirk was smarter than Spock.
      Kirk and Spock are both characters from the popular television series Star Trek. It is widely accepted by Star Trek fans that Spock is of superior intelligence to Captain Kirk.