Season 7 Episode 18

The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2001 on NBC

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  • This is one of my all-time favorite "Friends" episodes.

    This is one of my favorite episodes and it goes largely unnoticed.

    I think the plotline of Joey and Ross trying to date the same girl without knowing it was hilarious. The whole back and forth action at the restaurant where they pretend not to know one another was hilarious. "Didn't you marry a lesbian?" "Don't you have VD?" Classic. Ross and Joey moments are so great!

    My favorite part wasMonica giving up the perfect wedding dress so that Chandler can have the Swing Kings at the ceremony. A nice sacrifice between the two of them that shows their true love.

    A great episode, and the first to feature an African American love interest in Gabrielle Union. A milestone episode.
  • Great episode; shows how much Monica cares about Chandler. Two of the guys fight, but it's not Joey and Chandler or Ross and Chandler like usual.

    This episode was pretty cool, because it was both funny AND touching.

    Monica has found her perfect wedding dress, but she wants to buy it at a store that is having a sale. Unfortunately, she mentions this plan to a woman she meets at the expensive store ("Megan", played by the pretty-but-she-scares-me-for-some-reason Andrea Bendewald) while trying the dress on, and the woman tries to take Monica's dress during the sale. Phoebe and Rachel come to the rescue and Monica gets the dress, but later Monica receives a disturbing phone call: the evil woman who wants her dress has booked the band that Chandler wants for their wedding ... on the day of their wedding! Unless Monica gives her the dress, Chandler won't have his band.

    Now, in plenty of previous episodes, we've seen Monica ... um ... well, frankly, we've seen her behaving selfishly in their relationship; when they moved in together, Chandler had to get rid of whatever he had that she didn't like, and it's a running joke that Chandler doesn't get to win fights now that he's in a relationship with her. Even when Chandler DOES get his way, like with his chair, Monica constantly complains about it. But this time, we see Monica really come through for Chandler, and she doesn't even tell him what's going on; she makes a sacrifice for him, and he never even knows about it. What a sweetheart that Monica is.

    That's one reason I really like this episode. Another is that the story with Ross and Joey dating the same girl ("Kristen," played by the gorgeous Gabrielle Union) is just hilarious. When Chandler figures out that they're dating the same girl, and maneuvers Ross and Joey into saying her name at the same time, it's great. But the best is when Joey shows up on Ross's date and they both start using their knowledge of each other to try and convince Kristin that the other is a creepy freak. Not only is it funny, but it brings up memories of a lot of great past episodes. (And on the DVD, Matt Le Blanc says "Does a bear @#$% in the woods?" at the end of the scene, which marks the first use of that term I've ever hear on Friends, which caused me to burst out laughing when I heard it.) (By the way, I hope everybody reading this understands that, in the quote above where I said @#$%, Matt Le Blanc is actually saying the "s-word," not "at-pound-dollars-percent," but because won't allow me to write that word since it's offensive, I had to use my catch-all "bleeped-out naughty word" symbol.)

    Anyway. Great episode.
  • Monica regrets telling a woman about a discount bridal shop when they end up fighting over the same dress. Joey and Ross discover that they're dating the same girl.

    Great episode! Ross and Joey date the same woman. I find Monica sometimes annoying but this episode she was great but tackling that woman! The best part was at the end with Ross and that girl at that place then Joey stops by and the pretend that they don't know each which is awesome! Ross asks Joey about him being a woman on a t.v. show. Joey asks about Ross being married and how many times and what happened with the first one! They were so funny because they kept going on about it and I could not stop laughing!!
  • Hilarious and entertaining!

    Friends is one of my all time favorite shows and this is one of the first episodes that I saw. I couldn't stop laughing! From Joey and Ross dating the same girl to Monica fighting that lady for her wedding dress it was nonstop entertainment. The part where Rachel is scared of the people buying wedding dresses so she hides in the clothes rack was priceless. Also, it was funny at the end when Ross and Joey were trying to win over the girl that they had both been dating, so they try to make each other look bad. Great dialouge!
  • Joey & Ross fight over the new girl, Kristen.

    I really like this episode because it's another great installment to the preparation for Chandler & Monica's wedding era. In this episode Monica wants to get a wedding dress but when she is looking for it she tells a nice lady that they have them half off at another store, when she goes to the store, Megan is there & she has the same dress so she fights over it, she gets it but then has to return it to Megan because she booked Chandler's favorite band, so it's the band or the wedding dress, I like how Chandler told everyone why he liked swing so much, that was so sweet. And Monica said "Crap!" That was so awesome. The subplot was really good, Joey & Ross are dating the same girl! So they compete, I like how Joey goes to their restaurant & talks about Ross' failed marriages & they talk about the past, that's my favorite part! An amazing episode.