Season 2 Episode 23

The One with the Chicken Pox

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 09, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

Ben gets chicken pox so Ross warns the others that if they have not had it yet they may catch it. Everybody has had chicken pox except Phoebe, who feels left out. She then discovers a spot on her arm. Phoebe's boyfriend Ryan is coming for two weeks after a couple of years at sea on a submarine. When he enters her apartment he finds Phoebe with a cloth over her head and she tells Ryan that she has chicken pox, Ryan then reveals that he has never had chicken pox but he doesn't care so his goes over and kisses Phoebe. Chandler agrees to get Joey a job at his office, even though Joey does not know what to do. He creates a character who is great at the job and has a wife, two kids and a baby. His character is called Joesph. Everyone likes Joesph and Joey tells Chandler about how everyone is mean about him behind his back and that he can only hang out with him out of work. Ryan has chicken pox and while Monica and Richard "get intimate" in the bedroom Rachel and Ross serve Phoebe and Ryan dinner before going out. We discover that Monica has tied Phoebe and Ryan's hands with duct tape to oven gloves. Rachel and Ross leave. Phoebe and Ryan try to make out but it is impossible with gloves on, they cannot undo their buttons, so they rip their gloves off. Ross comes back for Rachel's purse to find Phoebe and Ryan scratching each other violently. He leaves quietly. Joesph is making Chandler look bad so he tries to fire him but Joesph isn't in Chandler's department so he can't. Chandler says he has slept with Joesph's wife and Joey is distraught. Chandler convinces Joey to quit but Joey makes it clear that he will really miss Joesph. Ryan is leaving and Phoebe says sorry to Ryan for a bad two weeks (they were both cured by the way) and Ryan leaves.