Season 8 Episode 21

The One with the Cooking Class

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 02, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Ross entering Central Perk and telling everyone "I have bad news", the news is that Monica got a horrible review for her cooking in the newspaper. Monica comes over and reads the newspaper containing the review and everyone goes to comfort her.
At Ross' apartment it is in the early hours of the morning and Rachel shocks Ross and tells him they have no things ready for the baby, Ross says that they can go to the store to get the things in the morning.
At Monica's apartment, Joey arrives and he has a conversation with Chandler, Chandler tells him he has a job interview later that day. Monica makes Joey try some of her cooking, she says she is going to go and speak to the critic, who teaches a cooking later that day before they go to the movies.
At Little Stars, a saleswoman mistakes Ross and Rachel for being a couple. He tells her they aren't married. Then Ross and the saleswoman begin to have a conversation whilst Rachel is standing impatiently next to him. The saleswoman begins to compliment Ross saying such things as "it is obvious you work out".
At Central Perk Rachel tells Phoebe what happened at Little Stars and that the saleswoman is a "whore". Rachel comes on to be a little jealous about what happened. Chandler enters and tells them about his interview, Phoebe then tells him "don't keep your hopes up" because he doesn't make a good first impression.
At the cooking school Monica has a word with the critic saying she wants him to give her another chance. The critic then
tells her her food is "abismal". As they are about to leave, the teacher asks the a question about cooking which Monica decides to answer. Her and Joey then join in on the lessons.
At Ross' apartment, Katy arrives and asks Ross out that evening. Ross says he is free and they are about to leave when Rachel calls Katy a "horny bitch".
Phoebe and Chandler enter Chandler's apartment and Phoebe decides to help Chandler with his interview planning.
At the cooking everyone is practicing cooking. The teacher goes over to examine how well Monica is doing and is exceedingly pleased with how good she is. Monica deceives her into believing she has never cooked before.
At his apartment Chandler is practicing his interview with Phoebe. Phoebe tells him he is "ready".
Back at the cooking the teacher tells Monica she is her star pupil and gives her the star. The teacher then tries
Joey's food and finds it even better, demanding that Monica hands over the star to him. Monica is shocked and tells him he can't have it because she is better, being a professional chef. The teacher tells Monica that she loves the food she cooks at her restaurant. Monica and Joey then suddenly leave to avoid having to pay.
Chandler is at his interview and is making a good impression until he is asked about his "duties". Chandler cant help but laugh when he thinks he says "doodies" instead.
Ross arrives back at his place from his date. Ross is then 'interrogated' by Rachel who tells him she doesn't like Katy and doesn't want him to date her because it makes her jealous. She tells him she doesn't want him to go on any more dates and instead be at her twenty four hour command. He agrees and she is surprised.
Joey and Monica are walking down the hallway and they enter an acting class so Joey can feel better about himself. The teacher poses a question which no one can answer. Joey then unsuspectingly says "yeah, this is a stupid idea."