Season 8 Episode 11

The One with the Creepy Holiday Card

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2001 on NBC

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    Ross' funny qualities could not hold up this episode. This was one of the big problems with the first half of season 8. We see Mona in two episodes, and now she's part of the group? A Ross and Mona plot as a main plot was absolutely ridiculous. I have never liked Mona, and I don't think I ever will. Her character is so unrealistic, and there's nothing really "special" or "funny" about her. I rolled my eyes once Rachel started feeling an attraction to Joey. Why did they have to ruin a perfectly good plot with Rachel being attracted to strange men, then they make Rachel attracted to Joey? It didn't make sense. I have seen the rest of the season, and I just don't like that they went there at all with Joey & Rachel. Yes, there's Chandler & Monica, and Ross & Rachel, but that should be the limit, this show is called "Friends" not "Lovers". Chandler & Monica duo, yikes. I hate plots with both of them together this season, and what sucks is that they keep on putting them together this season. Add Chandler's boss in the mix, and you'd find yourself annoyed and not laughing. Rachel was probably the only highlight of this episode, until she started feeling attractions toward Joey.
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