Season 4 Episode 3

The One with the 'Cuffs

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 1997 on NBC

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  • The cuffs offer great fun!

    In this episode, Monica, with Phoebe's help, decides to cater a luncheon for her mother, only to learn that her mother still doesn't trust her...but only after breaking off a nail and accidentally cooking it into the food, having no idea which dish the nail is in. Meanwhile, Joey, home all alone and unsupervised, is taken advantage of by an encyclopedia salesman. Discovering that he always feels out of place when discussing major political or social issues with the gang, Joey ends up purchasing just one letter-edition of the entire 26-book series...the letter V. But most of this episode's fun comes from the trouble that Chandler runs into with Rachel's boss Joanna. After having a quickie in Joanna's office, Joanna is forced to leave the office and handcuffs Chandler to her rolling chair pantless. With the key and his pants on the hook on the back of the office door, Rachel discovers Chandler locked in the office and only after unlocking him does she realize that she needs to immediately lock him back up, for fear that Joanna will know that she was in her office. The negotiating that Chandler and Rachel must partake in gives this quirky episode a clever, very fun punch.
  • Not the best but still great.

    One of the worse season 4 episodes but still great. In this episode Rachel tells Chandler to break up with her boss Joanna, but Joanna leaves Chandler handcuffed to her desk for hours. Rachel is mad at him and doesn't want to let him go because Joanna will know that she let him out. Chandler says that all he wants is his freedom but Rachel makes him an offer he can't say no to. Monica is asked to cater for her mother, but she loses a blue fingernail in one of the quiches. Judy had something prepared though incase she 'pulled a Monica'. Phoebe encourages Monica to make her own things anyway andt goes down a success. Judy apologises and promises that she'll trust Monica next time. Joey ends up buying an encyclopedia from a salesman who takes advantage of him. The funniest parts of the episode are scattered between the storylines for a nice balance, but it loses some of its spark whilst doing so. No one storyline stands out too much, which is in some ways good, but can make the entire episode seem dull in others.
  • Chandler half-naked in a chair.

    I like how they brought back the Chandler & Joanna storyline & in a way they made the plot more livelier with cuffs & a perfect way to end the Chandler & Joanna relationship is to put Joanna in cuffs. I like how Rachel gets mixed in to this whole situation. I like how the no furniture plot continues as Joey gets took advantage by a salesman a& still having nothing. I liked how he learned about everything that started with a V. That plot was pretty funny. The dramatic plot was Monica & her mom with the catering. Monica's mom finally accepts her. Phoebe made the whole storyline funnier as usual. Great episode.
  • hilarious

    Chandler gets handcufffed to a chair in Joanna's office and is half naked. Rachel finds hersdelf in a dilemna when she lets him out of the chair and then cuffs him to a filing cabinet. Rachel then offers "generous" measures to escape the wrath of her boss. I don't think I laughed so much.