Season 4 Episode 6

The One with the Dirty Girl

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 1997 on NBC

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  • Ross dates a beautiful paleontologist who has a sanitation problem; Monica and Phoebe become part-time caterers; Chandler deals with his secret love for Joey's girlfriend Kathy; Rachel attempts to complete a crossword puzzle all by herself.

    This is an extremely funny episode.

    Ross meets a woman named Cheryl who Chandler describes as "the most beautiful woman in the world," played by the luscious Rebecca Romijn. And she's a paleontological doctoral candidate who works at the museum, too! Unfortunately, Ross grew up with the Geller standard of cleanliness, and he's completely unprepared for what he finds in her apartment: mountains and mountains of trash as far as the eye can see. A he looks around, Cheryl scatters food randomly on the floor to try and attract her missing hamster. Ross, of course, wants to go back to his place, but unfortunately Cheryl doesn't like his apartment because "it has a weird smell." Joey's pep talk to Ross is one of the more hilarious moments in Friends history.

    Rachel, meanwhile, shows a bit of jealousy at first about Ross's gorgeous new girlfriend, but quickly becomes absorbed in completing an entire crossword puzzle by herself, with no help. Of course, her definition of "no help" is ... creative.

    Monica has to turn down a catering job because she has no money to buy food or equipment, and in response Phoebe loans her $500 so she can really pursue her catering dream. When it turns out that Monica isn't the best at collecting the money she's owed, Phoebe steps up to the plate, and Monica and Phoebe decide to become catering partners.

    Chandler, of course, is still dealing with his secret love for Joey's girlfriend Kathy (Paget Brewster). He buys her an extremely expensive birthday present, an early edition of THE VELVETEEN RABBIT; meanwhile, Joey doesn't plan to get her anything. Worried that this will reveal his feelings for her, Chandler tries to convince Joey to buy her a better present than his, but when Joey ends up getting her a cheap clock-pen from OfficeMax, Chandler struggles to find a better present than his. When he can't, he decides to let Joey give her the book because he still wants her to have it. Joey, of course, is as oblivious as ever, and Kathy sees right through the ruse. It almost appears as though she might know that Chandler is in love with her as well ... but maybe not quite. We'll see how that goes.