Season 3 Episode 20

The One with the Dollhouse

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 1997 on NBC

Episode Recap

Episode starts with Chandler asking Joey about Kate who he kissed, Joey says she is amazing. Joey enters and tells Monica that aunt Silvia passed away, Monica is happy because she was a "cruel cranky old bitch." Monica discovers she got her aunt's doll house and is ecstatic saying to Phoebe that she will let her play with it.

Opening Theme

Rachael and Chandler enter Rachael's office. When Chandler leaves, Joanna and Rachael start gossiping. They speak about Chandler, Johanna asking whether he is married and involved with anyone (making herself seem attracted to her).

Monica inspects her new doll house and Phoebe enters, they both love it and begin to play with it. Phoebe shows Monica the new things she got for the house all of which are ridiculous and unsuitable for the house. Rachael enters and begins to talk to Chandler telling him Joanna is attracted to Chandlers who finds it hilarious and so is willing to go with her. Monica tells Phoebe that the new things aren't suitable giving Phoebe the cue to pack her things and leave.

Joey starts to talk to Kate when they are interrupted by her partner. Lauren approaches Joey saying she admires his work, she offers to take Joey to get a drink which he agrees upon when he sees Kate making out with her partner.

Phoebe enters with her new doll house (obviously to get back at Monica for not letting her play with hers), Rachael and Ross gather to look at her house making Monica envious. Monica tries to get back their attention. Chandler enters and Rachael asks him how their date went. Chandler then describes how terrible the relationship is. Scene cuts Joanna saying their date was excellent to Rachael.

Joey and Kate are seen on the set, Kate says she is disappointed with the person Joey is dating, Joey replies talking about her partner. They begin their scene again and they share a kiss which disappoints the director, causing him to leave. Lauren asks Joey whether they want to go paint mugs now they have the day off, he rejects it so he can be with Kate and Lauren leaves. The two talk about how they can improve their acting roles, and the two slowly get more attracted to each other, the scene quickly cuts to the two in bed.

Joey enter the apartment with a grin on his face and he hugs everyone he sees. He explains that "things finally happened with Kate." He describes his infatuation with her. Rachael and Chandler enter and Chandler talks about how bad the relationship with Joanna is. He then tells Rachael that on the last date he said he would call Joanna but he won't.

Joanna asks Rachael whether or not Chandler has called her, when Rachael says he hasn't Johanna gets angry continuously asking why he hasn't called, freaking Rachael out. Rachael and Chandler are then in the Café where Rachael tells Chandler he must call her, he refuses to do it and they agree that he must go on a lunch date where he will break up with her.

Ross is in the apartment where he finds Phoebe's doll house on fire. He attempts to put it out using various methods but fails. He finally manages to put it out by putting it in the running shower where Monica is, terrifying Monica in doing so.

Joey and Kate talk about what happened, Kate says it didn't mean anything to her. Joey doesn't understand as he has never had this happen to him before.

Ross and Monica inspect the burned doll house. Phoebe enters the room and is horrified with what has happened to the house and its little inhabitants.

Chandler and Joanna enter Joanna's office, having just gone to have lunch. He says bye and mistakenly says he will "call her". This frustrates Rachael who is in the room as she knows he won't call her. Rachael then forces Chandler to tell Joanna that he wont call her. He then does explain this to Joanna saying he has issues with women. She tells him that she appreciates his honesty.

Joey is on the phone asking the person whether they can forgive him. We then find out that he is phoning all the people he has been with one after the other telling them he is sorry (because he finally knows what it feels like to find out that sex means nothing to the other person sometimes.)

Episode Finishes