Season 3 Episode 20

The One with the Dollhouse

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Monica rejects Phoebe's big dog, ghost and dinosaur as being inappropriate for her dollhouse. Ironically, Phoebe's "imaginative" dollhouse includes none of these things. Perhaps she took Monica's admonishments to heart (although the furnishings of the new dollhouse still would be unacceptable to Monica).

    • Continuity: We never see or hear of Monica's dollhouse again after this episode.

    • Goof: When Ross carries Phoebe's dollhouse into the bathroom, only the very top is burning, and that fire would have been extinguished moments later in the shower. When Phoebe is shown the dollhouse, it is completely burned.

    • Trivia: The giant ceramic dog that Phoebe brings to use in Monica's dollhouse, was on the shelf by the kitchen counter in Joey and Chandler's apartment during Seasons 1 and 2.

    • Continuity: Chandler asks Joey if Kate is the only woman he's ever wanted who didn't want him back, and he says yes. However, in "The One with the Flashback" it was shown that Monica rejected Joey when he made a pass at her naked.

    • Goof: When Monica gets jealous about Phoebe's dollhouse, she reaches in and pulls out a china cabinet to show everyone from in front of the bedroom door. Given Monica's need for "realism" with her dollhouse it seems unlikely she would keep a china cabinet in front of the bedroom door.

    • Goof: When Joey is talking to the understudy, he is holding a cup. It disappears right when she invites him for a drink.

    • Goof: When Monica and Phoebe are looking at the dollhouse, Monica says "I don't want a ghost." When she says this, Phoebe's right hand is up in the air. When the camera angle changes, her hand is in her lap.

  • Quotes

    • Chandler: I'm telling ya, Joanna's got it all wrong. Okay? All I said was, "This was fun. Let's do it again sometime. I'll give you a call."
      Rachel: Oh, gee. I wonder why she thinks you're going to call her?
      Chandler: That's what you say at the end of a date.
      Rachel: You can't just say, "Nice to meet you. Good night?"
      Chandler: To her face?

    • Ross: Uh, Pheebs, while we're hovering around the subject. I just have to say dinosaurs, they, they don't go "ruff!"
      Phoebe: The little ones do.

    • Monica: Come on Rach. When a guy says he's going to call, it doesn't mean he's going to call. This never happened to you?
      Rachel: Well, they always called.
      Monica: Hm, bite me.

    • Monica: When I was younger, all I wanted was to play with this dollhouse. But, no! It was to be looked at, but never played with.
      Chandler: My grandmother used to say that exact same thing to me. It was more of a bath time situation.

    • Ross: Monica, Dad called this morning and, uh, Aunt Sylvia passed away.
      Monica: (Pause) Yes! Yes! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
      Ross: We were all pretty shaken up about it.

    • Chandler: Wait a minute. You're telling me this actress person is the only woman you ever wanted who didn't want you back?
      Joey: Yeah. Oh, my God. Is this what it's like to be you?

    • Ross: Wait a minute. The house is built on radioactive waste and an ancient Indian burial ground? That would never happen.
      Phoebe: Okay, you obviously don't know anything about the U.S. government.

    • Phoebe: A house for dolls. That is so cool! When I was a kid I had a barrel.
      Joey: Uh, Pheebs, you had a barrel for a doll house?
      Phoebe: No, just a barrel.

    • Chandler: (Seeing Phoebe's doll house blow bubbles) Hey, my father's house does that.

    • Chandler: Like what she saw, huh? Dug my action, did she? Checking out the Chan Chan man!

    • Kate: He happens to be brilliant, which is more than I can say about that sweater you're dating.
      Joey: Hey, I'm not interested in her sweater, alright? It's what underneath her sweater that counts.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Rachel: (To Chandler) Call her, call her now!

      This is an allusion to the 1987 hit Italian song "Call Me" by Spagna.