Season 9 Episode 22

The One with the Donor

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 08, 2003 on NBC

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  • Very well timed and written

    This episode is awesome because to me it shows that even though Monica and Chandler can't conceive they still try to have a kid. I think its awesome that they chose adoption. Rachel and Charlies relationship gets better through the episode which is cool b/c they needed to become friends in a way. Pheobe and David meeting should not have happened I believe b/c she should have gone to the party to find out where Mike stood. This episode was written well but some parts could have been better and when Monica and Chandler were asking those questions to Chandlers friend I would have been like can I ask you those questions to? B/c I would never answer questions like those on the first dinner with them.
  • "You can't just bring some random guy at home and expect him to be our sperm donor!" - Monica

    I have to say that I'm not a big fan of the whole Rachel liking Joey storyline. But this was a funny episode. Charlie, Joey and Rachel are hanging out at Central Perk. Charlie says she has to go shopping which she hates because she's not good at picking out clothes. Joey suggest that she should go with Rachel who loves to shop. Phoebe decides to join them because she has to go to a party where Mike's gonna be and she has to look fabulous.
    So they go to the mall and Charlie wonders if Rachel would like to go to the movie sometime. Rachel says she can't because she has seen all the movies. Phoebe draggs Rachel to the dressing room where Rachel admits she likes Joey. Charlie overheard them but thinks it was Phoebe who likes Joey. Weird because their voices don't look like each other at all. Chandler invites a handsome guy from work over for drinks, who he thinks will be a perfect sperm donor. After a conversation with a lot of inappropriate questions (which was really funny) Monica decides that if she can't get pregnant by Chandler she doesn't want to get pregnant at all.

    On her way over to the party Phoebe runs into David who is back for good. They go get a drink.
  • Chandler invites a workmate home that he wants to be the surrogate father to a child for Monica. Rachel reveals to Phoebe her crush on Joey, inadvertantly informing Charlie. And David comes back, surprising Phoebe and solving her frustrations over Mike. B

    This episode in particular is a favourite of mine as it develops the infertility storyline of Chandler and Monica's. Having these people play this particular storyline was a brilliant idea - given Courtney Cox's well-known problems with her own fertility. In this episode, as well as others that follow, Courtney's performances are riveting, showing the real pain and frustration that she must have been feeling at the time. This, as well as TOW the Birth Mother, should have won Courtney Cox an Emmy/Golden Globe, as her performances are touching, real and powerful.

    This storyline also allows a sensitive side of Chandler to show, giving him a chance to extend his range. Rather than always being sarcastic and cynical, he shows his real feelings. A new side to these already familiar characters.
  • Funny!!

    Great episode!! Chandler introduces Monica to Zach a guy she works with so he can donate sperm to her. He is the perfect match for her. Monica and Chandler ask Zach all these weird question which makes him feel weird. Phoebe later runs into David and was going to go to a party with Mike there but since they broke up she hooked back up with David.
  • good

    When Monica and Chandler learn of their chances for natural conception, they resort to interviewing unsuspecting male candidates to find the perfect match for one who could inseminate her he is infertile and she is an impenetrable fortress. Elsewhere, Phoebe is incredibly nervous about going to a party that Mike will be at until she bumps into David. Meanwhile, Rachel finds herself being mean to Charlie because of their common romantic interest in Joey, and Ross works hard on a lecture he hopes to present at a paleontology convention in Barbados and he gets it so all of the friends are off to barbados.