Season 1 Episode 12

The One with the Dozen Lasagnas

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

At Monica & Rachel's place, Monica is working in the kitchen while talking on the phone. Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, & Joey are sitting in the living room. There is a stack of baby books the group is looking over. Ross has finished each book as he preps for the birth of his baby.
Back to Monica's phone conversation. We find out she is talking to her Aunt Syl who wanted Monica to make her a dozen lasagnas and gets upset when she finds out Monica made them with meat. From the look on Monica's face, Syl is not being very nice with her choice of words.
Rachel enters with Paulo, speaking Italian. Ross just looks annoyed, he hates Paulo. The two are very affectionate, rubbing noses and kissing. Causing Joey, Chandler, & Ross to imitate the two in disgust.
Monica asks Rachel if she was going to Poconos for the weekend, staying at her sister's place. This would be her and Paulo's first weekend away together. Ross, hearing the entire discussion, looks completely dejected. Chandler tries to cheer him up.
Chandler & Joey leave Monica's carrying lasagna into their own place. Joey throws his keys on their kitchen table, which subsequently falls over.
Ross knocks on Carol's apartment door. He enters, carrying lasagna, courtesy of Monica. Carol asks if it's vegetarian, because Susan doesn't eat meat. Ross pauses for a bit and lies to her, just to seek vengeance on Susan.
Carol tells Ross she has the ultrasound results, everything is healthy. Ross hugs & kisses Carol. She asks Ross if he wants to know the baby's sex. No, he doesn't. He wants to be surprised.
Susan enters, a little less than thrilled to see Ross. She hugs Carol, and the two giggle, causing Ross to step away. She asks Carol what the sex will be, causing Ross to fling his arms in protest, he doesn't want to hear.
So Susan asks Carol, "Is it what we thought it would be?" Carol confirms by giving her a hug and giggle. Ross can't take it, he lightly taps Susan's shoulder to find out what she thought it might be, but right as they begin to say the gender, he interrupts. He doesn't want to know and he decides to leave before he changes his mind again. He kisses Carol good-bye, kisses her stomach, and punches Susan's shoulder before leaving.
At Chandler & Joey's place, they sit on the floor, using their knees as a table to support the lasagna. The two argue over who will pay for the new table. Joey suggests they split it, which causes Chandler to panic. He tells Joey about his last roommate, Kip, the two bought a hibachi together and when he left to get married the two fought over who got to keep it.
At Phoebe's Massage Place, Paulo walks in; he is the "3:00" appointment. He greets Phoebe, saying "Racquel" told her about the massage. He then speaks something in Italian before asking if he needs to "being naked?" As Phoebe mentions it's his choice, he drops his clothes.
The gang sits at Central Perk, talking to Ross about the baby. Monica tells Ross that she knows what the sex will be; Carol called her to thank her to the lasagna the night before. Joey asks Monica what the sex will be and she whispers in his ear. Ross gets up & frantically waves arms in protest. He doesn't want anyone to know, if he doesn't know himself.
Phoebe enters, upset. Rachel leaves to go serve a customer. Joey & Chandler leave for the furniture store. So Phoebe is alone with Ross & Rachel and she tells the two that Paulo hit on her when he came in for the massage. Immediately, Joey & Chandler come back as they hear Phoebe's story.
A Flashback is shown. Paulo lies on massage table and grabs Phoebe's butt. He rolls over, onto his back exposing everything to Phoebe.
In real time, Monica asks about the causing Phoebe to answer "boy scouts could have camped under there." The guys let out an "ooh", which causes Rachel to run over to find out what they are talking about. Phoebe thinks fast and says "Uma Thurman" and the gang catches on.
Rachel walks away, confused. Chandler & Ross encourage Phoebe to tell Rachel about what happened. Ross sees this as his moment to shine.
Joey & Chandler finally make it to the furniture store. The two bicker over which table to get, the one with the birds or the one with the ladybugs.
At Monica's apartment, Rachel folds and packs clothes in suitcases as Phoebe enters. She is getting ready for the weekend in Poconos. Phoebe is hesitant to tell Rachel, but tries her best. She brought over her homemade Oatmeal cookies & gives one to Rachel, as a cushion for the blow. She tells Rachel that Paulo hit on her, Rachel looks stunned.
Back at Chandler's place, Ross, Chandler, Joey, & Monica are admiring the new foosball table the two guys bought. Monica can't believe they got this instead of a dinner table, but all 4 are mesmerized by the game.
Rachel feels embarrassed about Paulo. Both girls profusely apologize. Until Phoebe clears her head & sees they don't need to be sorry, they did nothing wrong. But Rachel still feels miserable & Phoebe scoots her chair over to Rachel and gives her a hug.
At the foosball table, Phoebe fills the gang in on how it went with Rachel. She tells Monica they better check in on Rachel & Paulo, Monica takes a moment to make a score, winning the game before leaving.
Chandler tells Ross to go over to Rachel, now is his time to "swoop in." Joey tells him that the first guy she sees when Paulo leaves should be him, which will make him the "anti-Paulo."
Rachel is on her balcony and empties Paulo's suitcase over the rail, causing all his clothes to fall down to the street.
Ross enters the girls' apartment and asks Monica how it's going. The two watch Rachel, who is on the balcony, making gestures with her hands in front of her chest to Paulo, who is on the street.
Paulo enters, Ross, Phoebe & Monica scatter. He tells the trio good-bye. Monica tells him she really hates him for what he did to Rachel but gives him the remaining 5 lasagna to get rid of them.
Ross begins to speak to Paulo before slamming the door in his face, ending Paulo's connection with the gang forever. Ross looks at Rachel on the balcony and tells Monica he will go and check on her.
Ross climbs through the window to get to the balcony, asking Rachel how she is doing. He gives her a hug before giving her a pep talk about how she deserves "a guy who knows what he has when he has you."
Rachel tells Ross she is "so sick of guys." She doesn't even want to be around another guy. Ross crosses his arm ... this is not the moment he imagined.
Rachel enters the apartment, asks Phoebe for one of her oatmeal cookies. Ross, not wanting to miss his moment, is trying to get Rachel not to swear off guys. He tells her she just needs to "develop a more sophisticated screening process."
But Rachel disagrees; she just wants to be by herself for awhile. Ross tells her that not all guys are like Paulo. Rachel tells him, "I know, and I'm sure your little boy is not going to grow up to be one." Which astonishes Ross because he didn't know he was having a boy.
He is giggling; he is excited to have a boy. The girls chime in & give him a hug. Joey & Chandler run in to find out what the commotion is about. Ross tells him he is having a boy. They already knew, but give him a hug anyway. The reality of the situation hits Ross as he realizes he is going to have a son, and he looks terrified.