Season 1 Episode 5

The One with the East German Laundry Detergent

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 1994 on NBC

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  • Ah, Ross!!!

    I love this episode purely for the face that I could watch the part when Ross walks into the open washing machine door and than falls down after he kisses Rachel! That is something that I can watch time and again, literally every time I watch it I laugh so hard!!

    I love it!

    Also I love the part where Monica agrees to go out with Joey so he can win his girlfriend back, but tells Monica that her boyfriend is actually his girlfriends brother!

    Love this quote too,

    Chandler: So... Saturday night, the big night. Date night. Saturday night, Sa-tur-day night!
    Joey: No plans, huh?
    Chandler: Not a one.

    A great episode that I could watch time and time again!