Season 4 Episode 12

The One with the Embryos

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1998 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins early in the morning, to the sound of a rooster crowing. Monica and a very cranky Rachel go over to Chandler and Joey's to find out what the sound is, and it turns out that the chick is becoming a rooster.

Later that morning Phoebe goes to the doctor to find out if she is ready to be implanted with Frank and Alice's embryo. As she leaves Monica and Joey return from doing laundry and they are in the middle of a dispute. They are debating whether Chandler and Joey know Monica and Rachel better than the girls know them. The guys claim that they can name all five items in Rachel's shopping bag in six guesses. When they manage to do so Monica calls for a rematch. Ross agrees to make questions for the game.

At the doctor's office Phoebe finds out she is ready for implantation, and that it's actually not one embryo but five. However even with five there's only a 25% chance of success and the whole process costs Frank and Alice $16000.

The game is ready to begin. Ross has made five categories with questions and whoever gets the most questions right will win. Both teams start out by getting a question right, however the girls miss their second question and the guys are in the lead.

At the hospital Phoebe gives a pep talk to the embryos before they are implanted.

The game is almost finished, with the guys still in the lead. If the girls miss their last question the guys will win. However they get it right and Ross presents them with the lightning round. Monica and Chandler start to raise the stakes by suggesting they play for larger and larger sums of money. Rachel objects when the numbers get too big, prompting Monica to suggest that if she and Rachel win the guys have to get rid of the birds. Chandler agrees to that, but only if Monica and Rachel give up their apartment if they lose. Monica agrees to this.

A while later the lightning round begins. Chandler and Joey answer 4 questions correctly. The girls do great with their round until they are asked what Chandler does for a living. They are unable to answer that question correctly and the guys win with 4 to 3.

Later on the moving process has begun. Monica is trying to get the guys to bet on something new to win the apartment back but with no luck. Phoebe comes back and tells them how expensive the procedure is and how small the chance of success is, concluding that Frank and Alice are "literally putting all their eggs in my basket". Rachel comes in from her room and declares that she is not moving. Chandler concludes that in that case she'll have to be his and Joey's roommate.

Later still Frank Jr and Alice come over with a pregnancy test for Phoebe. She goes to take the test. The door opens and Joey and Chandler come riding in on their white dog. Rachel tells them that she thinks they are just being mean, and that she was forced by Monica to raise the stakes. Monica retorts that Rachel was the one who gave the wrong answers to the questions they missed. Chandler tells them to stop yelling in their apartment because it's ruining their moving day, causing them all to start arguing over whose apartment it really is. Their fight is interrupted by Phoebe coming out from the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test. Frank Jr declares in triumph that his sister is going to have his baby, and they all gather for a big group hug.

As the episode draws near an end Monica and Rachel begin to unpack their things in their new apartment, and they find something living in a drawer. They sadly declare that they can't believe they're living there.

Chandler and Joey on the other hand marvel at the of the closets in their new home, and happily declare that they can't believe they're living there.

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