Season 4 Episode 12

The One with the Embryos

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1998 on NBC

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  • Chandler was totally cheating on the bag game

    Great episode, Iove when they have competitions with Monica involved! Chandler was totally cheating on the bag guessing game though. Look where his eyes go when he's telling Ross to "stop it".
  • One of the best episode in the whole series..

    i'm still watching this episode when i need something to cheer me my opinion this is among the best episode in the FRIENDS..

    the episode start with the sound of the chicken wakes up rachel and monica from's funny when rachel ask monica if the sound came from her even though it's obviously from the chicks..very funny..haha

    then the episode develops with joey and chandler play a guessing game with rachel and monica about the things rachel bought from shopping and it's funny when joey know exactly the private things about rachel..from there they brought the game into another level that eventually brought the girls to bet their apartment in exchange for the boys to get rid their birds if they win the game..the game scene is my favourate one because there are lot of funny jokes and information about both of the boys and girls..

    the ending was also a good one when pheebs confirms to all of them that she is pregnant even though she's just underwent the procedure few hours before..

    what can i say that this episode is one of the best episode in the FRIENDS..
  • My personal favorite episode that has the guys v the girls

    It does NOT get funnier than it does here. Monica and Rachel v Chandler and Joey was a genius move on the writers' part, and it's been a long time coming. The game Ross invents to see whether the guys know the girls better or if it's the other way round gets way out of hand as the stakes are raised and Monica - without Rachel's consent as per usual! - bets more and more money because she's certain they will win. It's all to do with Joey and Chandler's rooster that's keeping the girls up at night with its loud noises! As they live right across the hall, they can hear it more than anybody and it gets to the point where they argue something has to be done about it. So the rivalry between the guys and girls is played out during Ross' game made especially for them as a way to test who knows who best. Ultimately, the guys win, and it's all down to Chandler. The joke in the episode is the same as it has been in various other episodes, which is that the girls simply do not know what Chandler does for a living!! Which loses them their apartment and Chandler and Joey could not be more thrilled to be swapping homes with them. Rachel's reaction to this is particularly hilarious, she almost has a breakdown!

    Best episode in the history of the show, in my opinion. And another subplot involves Phoebe preparing to have her brother's babies for him and his girlfriend (who was once his teacher!) She finds out she's pregnant at the episode's end and the news temporarily reunites the gang who are all really happy for her.
  • A really great episode, one of the best of season 4

    Chandler and Joey against Monica and Rachel in a game of who knows the other best, this leads to Monica and Rachel bet their appartment against the chick and the duck go away. Joey and Chandler win and they move in. Phoebe gets her brother's sperm into her embryos. This episode must be the toast of the 4th season. One of the funniest episodes, with story and great acting. Amazing episode with great story. Dont miss this episode. I've gotta say the best part was the competition. "That's not even a word!" If u lov friends u will certanly love this episode and you'll laugh ur brains and heart out.
  • One of the best. Seriously...

    This episode, I don't know why I was so attracted to this episode. But it was flawless & amazing. Might be one of the best episode of Friends yet. A perfect storyline & a start of an even newer arc with the guys & girls trading places. I love how Ross is in charge of the whole game. I was on the edge of my seat. I really didn't think the girls were going to lose the apartment. I thought there had to be some loophole in this. But it actually happened. A very special episode cause Phoebe finds out she is for real pregnant. Knocked up. Perfect! I am speechless!
  • "His legs flail about as if independent from his body!"-Chandler Bing.

    The girls lose a bet and have to switch apartments with the boys. Phoebe announces she is pregnant.
    The one with the embrys, is my all time favourite episode of Friends the best sitcom ever, it was brilliant, the quiz stands out in this episode it was great I advise all Friends fans to watch this whenever it's on, it never bets boring its fast paced we learn many secrets of the six friends and I can just keep going on about how much I love this episode my favourite line is when everyone is argueing about the apartment and Chandler shouts "Stop argueing your reuning moving day", I just find it so funny everytime, this the best episode of Friends and probably one of the best episodes ever, I wish I could give it a higher rating.
  • O

    Most amazing episode of friends(even though the best moment is from the episode before this(Monica teaching chandler to have sex))There are very few episodes from any show that can compare to this examples being The Contest and the coup nazi from Seinfeld, merchant of Korea and good bye farewell and amen from M.A.S.H,(o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o sorry i neede to fill up space to finish the review)
  • The gang plays a trivia game by answering questions about each other.

    This episode is another one of my favorite. I know that majority of the lines in the episode. The game that Rachel, Monica, Joey, and Chandler play is so funny. They have to answer all these trivia questions about each other and you find out really funny stuff about the characters. They first bet money in this game but then it resulted to betting the chick and the duck and the apartment. Ross is hilarious as the judge of it all. They have a tie breaker so they have to go into "The Lightning Round". Joey and Chandler basically won by luck because the answers they guessed on were right. It was so funny that the girls lost their apartment. This is one of my favorites. A must watch!
  • I love this show!

    This was an amazing episode; it's my all-time favorite EVER. I don't know what it is, but this pretty much sums up why I love the show: it's funny, it's got spectacular acting, wonderful writing. I marvel at the writing genius of this show. Whenever people that don't watch the show come over, I make them watch this episode, simply because it's amazing and it makes everyone laugh. I got my cousin hooked on it. :3 I love how Rachel looks at Ross when he tosses the coin. I love how Chandler says "His legs flail about as if independant from his body!" I love how Ross says "And 'It's All Relative!'" I love how Phoebe talks to the embryos. I love everything about this episode.
    ....Actually, it's MISS Chanandler Bong...
  • one of the best episodes ever

    after joey and chandler correctly guess all the items on mon and rach's shopping bags they start a competition between them and the winner wins $50 then its a tie and the syeaks raise to $100 and switch appartments or lose chick and duck. in the end they cant work out chandlers job so the boys win. and pheobe comes in with news that the embryo's implanted and she is now pregnant. and this episode also tells us lots about the characters and it has funny lines and is a very good episode indeed. lol ha ha ha ha lol.
  • The One With the Embryos can arguably be the best episode of the entire Friends series.

    The One With the Embryos starts off with Rachel and Monica waking up at 6:00 in the morning to Joey and Chandler's rooster crows. After Phoebe departs to the doctor to see if her uterus is ready to accept her brother and girlfriend's embryos, a bet ensues to see if Joey and Chandler know more about Monica and Rachel then they do about them. Joey claims he is able to tell everyone every one of the items in Rachel's shopping bag (Ross tells them there are five items left and Joey and Chander get 6 guesses). After Joey and Chandler win this small bet, Rachel and Monica insist that they have a bet with much morepersonal questions. In the mean time, Phoebe is told that her uterus is ready for impnatation and she is surprised to hear that they will be putting 5 embryos in. The doctor tells them that this method gives you a 25% chance that at least one embryo will attach. Phoebe insists to Frank and Alice (her brother and his girlfriend) that she will do this for them as many times as it takes, only to hear that Frank and Alice only have one shot, as the procedure costs 16,000 dollars. Back in Monica's apartment, Ross is ready with his questionaire game to see which pair knows more about the other pair. After the questions are completed, the score is tied. Therefore, Ross goes to the lightning round, a 30 second round for each team where you must answer as many questions as you can. Monica and Chandler are ranting at each other and then a new bet comes out. If Monica and Rachel win, Chandler and Jey get rid of the rooster and their pet duck. However, if Joey and Chandler win, they get Monica and Rachel's apartment. Monica accepts the deal and he lightning round begins. The guys go first and answer 4 questions correctly. Then when the girls go, they have 10 seconds left and 3 questions correctly answered when Ross springs the question that has been asked and unsuccessfully answered throughout the entire series: "What is Chandler Bing's job?" After much frantic thinking, the time runs out and Joey and Chandler win the game and the apartment. However, ther is a problem: Rachel refuses to move out. After Phoebe gets back, she tells them that the odds are really bad and that she is going to do whatever she can to help the process along. So she goes to Monica's chair in the living room and lies upside down on it with ther head on the floor, legs in the air. While Monica is packing, Rachel gets all hyperventillated and tells Monica to stop. Monica, seeing her in such stress, tells her to lie down and that she'll take care of it. When Monica gets back, she tells Rachel theat they have lost their matresses (due to another bet). In the end of the episode, Phoebe takes a pregnancy test that Frank and Alice have bought her and fighting about the apartment ensues while Phoebe is in the bathroom. When Phoebe comes out of the bathroom proclaiming that Frank and Alice are going to have a baby, the fighting dtops, everyone s happy, and Frank yells out "My sister is going to have my baby!" They all hug and the episode ends.

    This episode is definately one of the greatest episodes of Friends there ever was.
  • This is where they start a competition on who knows more about each other! and Phoebe goes to get implanted with the embryos [hence the title] of Alice and Frank Jr.

    Man, this is why we watch Friends!! It's truly astounding and one of the best eps I've ever watched on TV!! I love it when they do this, It almost made me feel like I was there with them answering the questions!! It is hilarious! And the part where Ross asks: "What is Chandler Bing's job?"... The faces Monica and Rachel made were priceless!! Truly a classic... and Monica screaming her famous: "NOOOOOOO!!" when I watched it first in DVD, I had to play it again and again!! Also, Phoebe and the embryos... that was so sweet... see? THIS is good television!
  • My favorite episode :]]

    This is most definately my favorite episode of Friends. I can actually quote the entire episode once I really start thinking about it. It was great to see the competition going on among the friends. To think it all started because Joey knew Monica was wearing her granny panties! It really makes you wish you had a group of friends with whom you could play a trivia game with. My favorite quote from that episode would have to be when Chandler says "Scotch Tape" and Ross askes "How did you know she would buy scotch tape?" and he replies "Cause we used up theirs last night making scary faces!" :]] This will forever remain one of my favorite episodes for all time.
  • One of the BEST Friends episodes ever!!!

    Awww, I just adore this episode. Pheobe with the babies is so sweet. I love when she talks to them, and then when she gets back sits upside down trying to make them stick! Then I love the trivia contest. That was so great! I loved Rachel's "Steady hand!" and Ross making up all the questions. They were so funny. What is Chandlers job? A transponder! I couldn't believe it when they actually had to switch apartments, although I would've been sadder to see the duck and chicken leave. Then Frank Jr. is just so funny. "My sisters having my baby!" What a fabulous episode!
  • Hilarious

    This is by far my favorite episode of the series. I love the episodes where they kept it simple, and it was just about the friends. Confession though, everytime a sequence with Phoebe comes up, I fast forward. I love the interactions between the characters and the actors, and this episode is an example of why this series was so funny and why it had staying power. Chanandler M. Bong. It's classic, the things that they came up with on this episode. Before the series finale, NBC did a countdown of the viewer favorites and this wasn't on there and I couldn't believe, but I feel like this is a highly underappreciated episode.
  • Chandler and Joey have a competition against Rachel and Monica to see who knows the other pair the best. As the competition gets intense the stakes rise. Phoebe gets Frank and Alices embryos implanted in her uterus.

    This is my absolute fav episode. I cant say why exatly but i love it! The competition between chandler, joey, rachel and monica is soo funny! and to see the girls lose and when they guys come in riding the big white dog! :)

    This is an absolute classic and everyone should have the chance to watch it.

    At the same time as being funny it is also moving in a way as phoebe gets the embryos implanted. Friends always manages to find the perfect balance between jokes and something of real substance.

    All up: five giant coffee cups out of five!
  • As good as Friends ever got

    In my opinion, this was the pinnacle of the series. Monica and Rachel versus Chandler and Joey competing for the girls' apartment with Ross as the judge. I think the comedic timing between these five actors was absolutely perfect during Ross's game show, and it's a scene I never get tired of. Unforunately, Pheobe's subplot, though important to a long story arc for this particular season, paled in comparison to the main plot.
    Friends had a lot of entertaining episodes, and was consistently strong throughout its run, but "The One WIth the Embryos" stands out for its pace, writing, performances, originality and humor. (Actually Monica, although not my favorite cast member, was particularly strong in this episode.) If you ever had to introduce someone to this series, this episode would be the place to start.
  • TOW The Embryos is the best episode of Friends' brilliant 10 year run.

    TOW The Embryos is the best episode of Friends' brilliant 10 year run.
    I absolutely love every episode of Friends, but this one would have to be my favourite. Ever since the first time I saw it I knew it was my favurite.
    The battle of the Sexes between Chandler/Joey and Monica/Rachel was just fantastic. Not only was it hilarious to see the rivalry between the boys and the girls, but it was also good to see some background information on their characters, which you would not otherwise hear in another episode.
    Ross was also great in the way asked the questions, and seemed to know more about all of them, seeing as he made up the questions.
    It was also good when you see Phoebe talking to the embryos and wishing them luck.
    Overall this is the best episode of Friends.
  • Great episode, almost perfect!(SPOILERS about the episode)

    I like the plot of this episode, I like the chemistry among the actors that in these episode where they can act together, in the same room for a long time, really gives us a great comedy, funny in every single scene. The worst part was that Phoebe had her own storyline apart from the rest of the gang. I mean: her part is cool too and the Game was meant to be for five people, but I always remember this episode for the game and, if it wasn't for its title, phoebe wouldn't have been part - in my memories- of this episode at all! Anyway great job writing this one! I'm glad I watched it!
  • This episode is the greatest Friends episode ever! As Chandler would say, The One With the Embryo's.....

    This episode is the greatest Friends episode ever! As Chandler would say, The One With the Embryo's is perfection (an almost complete quote of Chandler saying to Jill Goodacre 'Gum would be perfection'). All I can say is that, as I classified The One With the Embryo’s, The One With the Embryo’s is the reason I watch Friends. This is definitely Chandler’s funniest episode. (If you want my (a_lemle) opinion about Joey and Ross’s funniest episodes check out episode reviews in season ten of Friends).I honestly think that Friend’s greatest out of 238 episodes is indeed The One with the Embryo's.
  • One of the best Friends episodes ever.

    In this episode we find out that Phoebe is pregnant, but the best part of it has to be the apartment switch. Monica and Rachel think that they know more about Chandler and Joey than the guys do about them. A personal quiz is put together by Ross and Chandler and Joey bet the chick and the duck that they'll win. Monica and Rachel bet their apartment and after a tense, long and hilarious game the guys win and Monica and Rachel move out.
    This is definitely one of the best episodes of the season and of the entire show.
  • Fun episode, sharp and well written

    Perhaps it's because I'm late to the Friends party (catching up on DVDs), but I think a lot of the acclaim showered on this episode set me up to be disappointed. It's very funny, but I'm a bit on the lukewarm side when I evaluate it against other top-drawer episodes. Compared to other episodes that revealed the inner sides of the characters, I thought TOW All The Poker was funnier, and just as revealing in its own way, while also ratcheting up the tension.

    That said, this is still great fun, and it particularly illustrates why Chandler and Monica are my favorites. Cox and Perry aren't necessarily the best actors in the ensemble, but they both inhabit their roles with such gusto that it's hilarious to watch them sink their teeth into material like this.
  • Best episode of season four and one of the top five of the whole series.

    This episode was so hysterically funny. This episode mostly got back to just the friends hanging out with each other, and the trivia/quiz game gave us little tidbits about the characters that we don't get to see, things that are offscreen, and it was so funny. The cast bounced off each other so well, especially while switching turns at the Lightning Round, where they're palming each other--a classic Friends gesture. (I know it's not palms, but I didn't know what else to call it, lol.) This episode definitely rejuvinated the entire season.

    Ah, who can forget the Phoebe's pregnancy storyline? This was a great way for the show to write in Lisa Kudrow's pregnancy, instead of trying to hide it like a lot of shows do, and not change things too much. She was a surrogate for her brother. Sweet, touching, and done in a very funny way as well.

    Few episodes top this one, ever.
  • Joey and Chandler think they know Monica and Rachel better than the girls know them and bet on it

    this has got to be one of the best episodes in the 10 years of the show.
    Listening to the trivia was the best.
    Ross:"Name that grandmother"
    Joey: "Nana"
    Chandler: "She has a real name"
    Joey: "uh, Althea"
    Chandler: "Althea?"
    Joey: "I took a shot"
    Chandler: "You're shooting with althea"
    Ross: "Althea is correct"
    Chandler: "Nice shooting"
    So funny and the fact that no one knows what Chandler's job is!
  • One of the best

    Perhaps because Phoebe doesn't appear that much (she has an independent story that's important to de season's plot but not for the episode's) but i really enjoyed this one.
    It tells a lot about the characters, makes insiders jokes (as the one about Chandler's Job) and makes things really odd.
  • The best episode of the series.

    I think personally that this is the best episode of friends that they ever made, it\\\'s originall, extremely funny, and makes a little difference in the series, because of a bet Chandler and Joey end up living In Monica\\\'s and Rachel\\\'s appartment.
    It has many jokes and initiates the riddle of what does Chandler work at, because when Ross asks which is Chandler\\\'s job, the girls doesn\\\'t know and this was the question that made the guy\\\'s win the appartment.
    Also this is the episode where we confirm Phoebe\\\'s pregnancy with her brother\\\'s triplets and also the fact that the guy\\\'s know more about the girls, than the girl\\\'s know from them.
  • Lisa Kudrow's moment!! I lived the look on Phoebe's face when they were looking at her to create a game and she pulled out that deck of trick cards and said "Oh-oh, Aaah!"

    This episode was really good, and it was great to see a change of atmosphere for a while with the guys taking the main apt. But, for sheer comedy alone, Lisa Kudrow brought it, as always. Someone should've spun off a show for Phoebe too. I do remember Lisa saying that this was her favorite episode, too, though. Didn't know it was Courteney's and Matt's.
  • The contest here is a hilarious series classic. Definitely with one of the funnier series moments in Friends history.

    The contest of who knows the other person better with Chandler-Joey against Rachel-Monica is hilarious. The actors are in comedic high form. Sometimes the reactions and facial expressions are over the top, but the basic enthusiasm and competitiveness that arises from this "contest" makes it work.

    Some subtle high points:
    1. Chandler jumping up and down like the giddy, overanxious Chandler that we all know and love, during the lightning round.
    2. "What was Monica's nickname when she was a field hockie goalie?" "Big fat goalie." And Monica's great expression after that answer.
    3. How Ross waits a second longer to build suspense and allow the audience to digest the answer, before revealing whether the answers are correct.
    4. "It's Ms. Chanandler Bong" How Chandler self-deprecates himself just to one up the girls.
    5. Joey's favorite food: sandwiches. (Any kind, all kinds, doesn't matter)
    6. "ooooooo...that's interesting" When Rachel suddenly buys into the new stakes for the contest.
    7. "What is Chandler's job?" Too boring for the other Friend's to even care about or remember. A nice, subversive dig on "serious" mainstream culture.
    8. "Beep." "Noooooooo...." No extra dialogue. Just the final beep, and Monica's anguished scream.
  • My favorite episode it definitely shows the more competitive side and the more caring side of the gang.

    This episode is definitely a classic. If you were to watch it once you will fall in love with it. The answers to the questions are just so out there and funny. If you watch friends alot then you should be able to come up with some of the answers by yourself with just a couple that you didn't know. The lightning round was awesome having the guys win just b/c they didn't know what Chandler's job was and then Rachel making up some word.

    I like that fact that while that is going on Pheobe is getting the embryos implanted shows that they aren't just showing the fun side of the gang but also the caring and serious side minus the fact that she was actually talking to the embryos.

    Since this episode aired around the middle of the shows running time it also sets the tone of things to come in a way I believe b/c of what happens later on.
  • Whoever wrote this episode is genius. Phoebe having her brother's babies. But I think the highlight of this episode is the game of who knows each other better: Chandler and Joey vs. Monica and Rachel. What could get better, Miss Chanandaler Bong? This epi

    Whoever wrote this episode is genius. Phoebe having her brother's babies. But I think the highlight of this episode is the game of who knows each other better: Chandler and Joey vs. Monica and Rachel. What could get better, Miss Chanandaler Bong? This episode is my favorite episode all time.
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