Season 4 Episode 12

The One with the Embryos

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1998 on NBC

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  • The epitome of greatest "Friends" episodes!

    "The One with the Embryos" is the epitome of the greatest episodes in "Friends" history. To call it the single greatest would do disrespect to the several other fine contending episodes, but if you were to watch only one "Friends" episode ever, which would be a sin might I add, this is the one. The hilarious start to Phoebe's pregnancy of her brother's triplets is overshadowed by a jeopardy-questionaire type game that erupts between the guys and the girls. What starts out as an innocent competition between Joey & Chandler and Rachel & Monica to find out which couple knows more personal information about the other, turns into an all out gamble, in which if the guys win, they claim Monica & Rachel's apartment, and if the girls win, the chick, now developing into a rooster, and the duck must be given up by the guys. With Ross creating the questions for the game, we are taken into the depths of hilarious mis-haps, cruel nicknames, favorite movies, and the suspense of who will win the winner-take-all contest. The contest itself and its outcome turns out to be a pivot point for the fourth season of "Friends," arguably the shows best season, which should have you in an uproar of laughter and pure fun. A True Delight!
  • One of the ultimate highlights of Friends, this episode revealed the intimacy between the characters and managed to pull it off in a hilarious way.

    TOWT Embryos (which I personally think should be called TOWT Game) is a classic episode, and for many I'm sure would go among their top 3 episodes. I love any episode where we learn a little more about the Friends' pasts or their personal identities, and I just love The Game that they come up with.

    I don't know who's a better character in this episode and who acts the best, because all of them deliver amazing performances. Ross with the delivery of the questions; Phoebe with talking to the embryos in the petri dish and announcing she's pregnant at the end; or all 4 of the other Friends at their hysterical panicking at getting a question wrong.

    I've pretty much seen this episode enough times to be able to recite all the questions Ross asks by heart, and one of the things I love is just mouthing along and trying to pinpoint all the perfect facial reactions of the characters. Some famous quotes come out of this episode, my personal favourites being about where Monica gets a pencil stuck, and "Miss Chanandler Bong".

    Overall, the episode is just a pleasure to watch over and over again, just to hear the way the characters say the lines, or laugh at the outrageous lives of the Friends. But then again, which episode doesn't offer us that?
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