Season 7 Episode 5

The One with the Engagement Picture

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2000 on NBC

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  • I love Friends....and this episode (like all episodes) just proves why Friends was and still is one of the best comedy tv shows...EVER!!!

    I loved Chandler in this episode.
    And his face expressions were just hilarious!
    Not many comedy tv shows make me laugh... but this one definate cracks me up.
    Phoebe and Ross acted like an old married couple (in a good way) which I thought was LOL funny.
    The only thing that annoyed me was Rachel's crush on Tag Jones...telling lies to keep him for herself.
    I love when she thinks he is gonna ask her out and then he says he is getting back together with his ex and she was like 'i do' and then picks up the phone and say hello when she realises what she just said. LOL!

    After watching the end of the episode, I thought it was a very funny story and exactly why I watch the series! (over and over)!