Season 7 Episode 5

The One with the Engagement Picture

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2000 on NBC

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  • Phoebe+Ross = hilarious!

    This episode was great overall, but not all storylines were good...

    Chandler not being able to put on a smile for an engagement picture was not really believable. I mean, we know Chandler has a decent smile, so he came across as rather retarded in this episode. I thought Monica was way funnier than Chandler this time (which is quite rare); I loved her judging their pictures at the beginning and her "local woman saves drowning moron"-comment. Phoebe/Ross might be one of my favorite duos of the show, they get into some sort of battle almost every time (for example Ross massaging Phoebe's client with wooden spoons, or the Vikram-thing). I laughed so hard at their story this time and their amazing chemistry on friends is shown, as the couple dated a couple who are in the middle of their break-up. Phoebs and Ross fanatically tried to slander each other's partner, using stories they had heard from their own one. Tons of hilarious one-liners were provided by this, one the funniest being "I don't give a tiny rat's ace". It ended when Whitney and Kyle decided to get back together and they told it to Ross and Phoebe. I laughed so hard when Ross had one of his funniest outbursts with the couple ("Oh just say it Kyle!!!!").

    Rachel's fragments were quite entertaining, though not the best. I certainly didn't fall for Tag taking over Joey's "how you doing". Still, Rachel was funny as always. I almost pissed my pants when she escaped a face-off with Tag by picking up the phone and trying to fake a long phonecall. Overall, "the one with the engagement picture" had some extremely funny moments, which almost all came from the Ross/Phoebe-segments, while Chandler's story was too awkward.