Season 7 Episode 5

The One with the Engagement Picture

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2000 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: Joey has spent the night out with Tag, "bird-doggin' the Chicas", to use Rachel's expression. When Rachel asks him to stop seeing Tag, Joey says, "No, you can't take him away from me. I got a great partner to pick up girls with... finally!", thus hurting Chandler's feelings. However, in Season 1's "The One with the Candy Hearts", Joey brings Chandler along on a blind date. When Joey's girlfriend sees Chandler she says, "Well... Look what you brought!", suggesting that Chandler is quite a catch. Chandler is apparently used to such compliments, since his only reply is, "And what did you bring?".

    • Trivia: At the beginning of the episode while Monica is looking for pictures of herself and Chandler, you can see that the picture she is holding is the one from Ross's wedding in the Season 5 episode, "The One after Ross Says Rachel".

    • Trivia: The announcement in the paper next to Monica and Joey's picture reads:
      Geller-Bing Announce their Engagement
      Jack & Judy Geller are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Monica Geller to Chandler Bing. Plans are currently underway for the big event. Leaving no stone unturned the Gellers are personally overseeing every single detail so nothing is missed. We wouldn't want anything to ruin the big day now would we. Announcements will soon be arriving to the specially chosen guest list. This will be the wedding of the century, quoted a close friend.
      This text only covers 3/4 of the picture's height. The rest is filled with the last seven lines repeating.

    • Goof: In Central Perk "Hums While He Pees" hands Phoebe tickets to the ballroom dancing finals. The tickets change hands whenever the camera angle changes.

    • Magna Doodle: A drawing of a surfer

    • Continuity: The whole episode seems to revolve around the fact that Chandler isn't able to make a normal face if a camera is in front of him. But in Season 8's, "The One with the Red Sweater", he has no problem standing in front of a camera when he and Ross are taking "fake" wedding-reception pictures with the disposable cameras.

  • Quotes

    • Chandler: Somebody on the subway licked my neck. Licked my neck!
      Phoebe: Oh, Willie's still alive!

    • Monica: This is a great picture!
      Chandler: Yeah, but I'm not in that one.
      Monica: I know, but look at me, all tan!

    • Rachel: Oh look, Phoebe's talking to Cute Coffeehouse Guy.
      Ross: Yeah, you call him "Cute Coffeehouse Guy", we call him "Hums While He Pees".
      Chandler: Yes, and we call Ross "Lingers In The Bathroom".
      Phoebe: (returning) Hey you guys, Hums While He Pees just asked me out!
      Rachel: Hey, I thought that guy was married.
      Phoebe: He is! But he's getting divorced. Ross! Maybe you know him.
      Ross: It's not a club.
      Rachel: Phoebe, if this guy's going through a divorce, is it such a good idea to start going out with him?
      Ross: Hey, divorced men are not bad men!
      Chandler: They have that on the napkins at the club.

    • Ross: I like this one. It seems to say, "I love you, and that's why I have to kill you."
      : Use the one with your bedroom eyes.
      Chandler: (looking at picture) Oh my God, those are my bedroom eyes? Why did you ever sleep with me?
      Monica: Do you really wanna pull at that thread?

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