Season 1 Episode 20

The One with the Evil Orthodontist

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

All, except Rachel, are at Central Perk. Chandler had a great date last night. Monica asks if he has called her yet. Chandler is waiting a couple of days to make her wait. Phoebe yells at him to call her, he caves in. She hands the phone to him. He dials her number before immediately hanging up because her answering machine came on. Monica spots Rachel & Barry across the room; they all spy on the couple. Ross is disturbed and anxious to know what is going on. Rachel walks up to the gang once Barry leaves. The group pretends to be talking about politics, to avoid the awkwardness of the situation. Rachel tells the gang that Barry took her to the Russian Tea Room for lunch & they had a great time. Afterwards they walked to a department store where he bought her a bottle of Chanel. Ross takes this moment to bring Rachel back to reality: did she tell him to leave her alone like she planned? Rachel never got around to "that", she is just happy to be with him again. Ross is miserable. The group tries to help her realise this is the same guy she left at the altar. But she claims something's changed. Monica tries to tell Rachel that Barry is engaged to her ex-best friend. Rachel admits that it was stupid and she will end it this afternoon. Cut to Rachel & Barry, in his surgery room, they just had sex. At Monica's, all are present except Rachel. Chandler is on the phone talking to his date from the previous night, Danielle. He's using a script. But he realises her answering machine picks up, and he hangs up in mid-sentence. Monica is at the window and notices a guy is looking at them through a telescope. Phoebe goes to the window and waves for him to stop. But the guy takes the wave as a friendly gesture & waves back. Joey is creeped out because he caught the guy looking into his apartment while he was cooking naked. They all pause as they look at Chandler, who has no response. Rachel & Barry are getting dressed. Rachel realises she made a mistake. She asks about Mindy. He tells her, if she wants him to, he will break it off. Rachel fervently tells him not to. He tells Rachel he wants to spend the weekend together in Aruba. She ponders the idea while realising her bra is missing. Barry finds it on a cupboard, handing it to her with a kiss. His next appointment enters and Barry acts like he's examining Rachel's mouth. Back at Monica's, Chandler is there. He's frustrated that his date hasn't returned his calls. He dials her number once again. This time she answers. He hangs up He realises that she received all his messages & is snubbing him. Rachel enters. Phoebe asks how the break-up went with Barry. Monica asks Rachel why she has dental floss in her hair. In a low voice, she tells Monica they had sex in his dental chair. Monica reacts quickly and shouts that she had sex with Barry. Ross can't believe it. Rachel tells him it's like him and Carol, there's history there. He tries to tell her that having sex with an orthodontist is very different than having sex with a lesbian, but can't get the words out & leaves. The phone rings, Rachel beats Chandler to it. It's Mindy. Rachel is embarrassed & nervous. After hanging up, she becomes anxious; Mindy wants to see her tomorrow. Rachel decides to call Barry. When she does, Mindy picks up, causing Rachel to flip. Chandler sits, starting at Monica's phone, waiting for it to ring. Monica creeps up behind Chandler, making a ringing noise. He clutches the phone before realising. Rachel is on her way out to see Mindy, prepared for a cat-fight. Joey offers to go with her, turned on by the idea. She slams the door in his face. Monica gets Chandler to call Danielle. When he does, he finally gets her instead of the machine. She tells him she will call him back, she's on the other line. At Central Perk, Rachel serves coffee as Mindy enters. Mindy tells Rachel that they should sit down, she has something to ask her. Rachel takes a big sigh as Mindy asks her to be her Maid of Honour. Mindy starts to cry, alarming Rachel. She thinks Barry is having an affair. Rachel draws back, trying to think of an excuse, tells Mindy that when she was engaged to Barry she thought the same thing. Mindy tells Rachel that during Rachel's engagement, Mindy & Barry had an affair. Rachel is upset. She comes clean to Mindy about Barry. They both hug as Joey enters, who watches with excitement. At Monica's, Chandler is still staring at the phone. Joey enters, tells Chandler their phone isn't working. Chandler remembers he turned it off, he freaks out. Rachel & Mindy enters Barry's dental office. Both tell him they are breaking up with him. Barry apologises to Mindy, telling her she loves her. Rachel asks him if he still thought that way when they had sex in his chair. Barry exits to deal with an emergency in another room. Rachel is all energised from the confrontation. Mindy tells her that she still plans to marry him, flooring Rachel. Monica & Rachel are alone at their place; Rachel fills in Monica about the day's events. They hug as Joey enters, looking on approvingly. At Central Perk, Danielle enters. She tells Chandler she wrote down the wrong number & by the time she got the right number, the line was disconnected. She asks if they want to have a second date. Chandler tells her to call him & she leaves. He tells the group he isn't going out with her again because she seemed too needy. They all groan and hit him.