Season 4 Episode 16

The One with the Fake Party

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 1998 on NBC

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  • Rachel does a cheer. Monica fills in Emily about everything Ross related. Pheobe eats meat & Joey decides to stop eating meat!

    A classic Friends where an improtu "fake" party is thrown for Emily who is traveling back to England. This episode features a very funny Rachel & Pheobe and displays Ross's strong feelings for Emily. A great episode, highly entertaining! Rachel desperately tries to get Joshua's attention by playing spin the bottle (which fails when Pheobe's babies start kicking) then putting on a cheer--among other things. Phoebe also eats meat for the only time during the series, because the baby craves it, and Joey makes it deal not to eat meat to keep her happy! Ross decides that he loves Emily and wants to be with her--which is friends encourage.
  • a good episode

    with 2 days before emily has to leave to get back home to england rachael throws a fake party for her just so that joshua will come and see her outside of work. she tries all types of things to impress him including dressing up as a cheerleader, and in spin the bottle she is about to kiss him when the babies start to kick inside pheobe. and pheobe is now craving meat so joey says he will give up meat untill she gives birth. and also ross and emily hjave a talk about their relationship, a must watch, h.
  • Rachel still pursuing Joshua.

    This episode was so funny & the plot 3was a big step up from the last episode. Finally the Rachel pursuing Joshua arc has ended. Now they will start dating which will start a whole new beginning. No. Phoebe breaks her vegetarian vow which sucks for her. She's starting to have a belly. Rachel was sort of messed up to Ross. Ross last night with Emily & Rachel ruins it for Joshua. Well she gets what she deserves when she busts her tooth & looks like an idiot with Joshua. My favorite part is when Rachel takes away the note from Joshua's coat & when they play spin the bottle.