Season 3 Episode 6

The One with the Flashback

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1996 on NBC

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  • A different perspective of our FRIENDS

    Another great episode of Friends showing us what happened before the show started. Monica and Joey almost hook up as do Ross and Phoebe. Rachel and Chandler have an encounter as well as Chandler and Monica. Inventive idea.

    Janice's question about were there any close encounters with each other inspires this slightly different episode. Three years earlier and everything is different. Phoebe is still living with Monica, Ross is still with Carol and doesn't know she is a lesbian, Chandler is interviewing Joey as a potential roommate and Rachel is looking forward to marrying Barry.
    Ross is happy his wife, Carol, has met a woman at the gym named Susan who she has become friends with, whilst Monica is driving Phoebe nuts with her obsessive cleanliness, so much so, that she has moved in with her grandmother but has yet to tell Rachel.
    Monica and Chandler are hanging out in a bar, which will later become Central Perk when Monica bumps into her old school friend Rachel Greene who announces her engagement.
    Chandler decides his new roommate will be a photographer named Roger whose sister is a porno star, but thanks to the intervention of Mr Heckles, Chandler ends up with Joey and a love of Baywatch instead.
    Everyone is having problems. Monica is upset Phoebe has moved out and shares a long hug with Chandler, Ross is depressed his wife is a lesbian, and ends up kissing Phoebe on a snooker table. An invitation from Monica for lemonade leads Joey to believe she wants to have sex with him and Rachel daydreams about a strange man (Chandler) she met in the bar.