Season 3 Episode 9

The One with the Football

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1996 on NBC

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  • i think the episode is very cool it is so funny and i will look it ever and ever

    i need the text in english from the start of the episode becaus we must act it in the school and i didn't have the text, what should i do? i must act it on wednesday my teacher want to film us and then she gives us a mark please help me we need the text. the episode was so cool it was so funny i love friends i have seen all episodes it's one of the best sit comes i knwo and i hope it comes soon against in germany. i hope you can understand me, im not really good in english. thanks for reading.
  • And another Thanksgiving episode!

    An hilarious Thanksgiving episode here, the best so far. The opening scene in which Monica & Ross explain that their mother doesn’t let them play football anymore is great - especially with Chandler adding on “But wait, how are we gonna get [to the field] as my parent’s won’t let me cross the road!”. Classic!

    As play continues and the Geller’s case of sibling rivalry boils and boils Chandler & Joey both fall for the same Dutch girl. Their rivalry is also great! In fact the only piece of non-rivalry on the pitch is from Rachel & Phoebe!

    Another great episode of a great series!
  • One of my favorite episodes ever of this show (and i\'ve seen a lot of them.)

    This episode never ceases to make me laugh, no matter how many times I watch it; there\'s always something to crack you up, whether it\'s the phyiscal comedy (Phoebe flashing Chandler to distract him from getting a touchdown) or the dialogue (\"The Geller Cup!\" \"Anyone else see a troll doll nailed to a two by four?\") Once they decide to \"play rough\", it\'s all uphill from there. The entire football game sequence is hilarious; the dutch-girl sequence is pretty good too (The Netherlands is this make believe place where Peter Pan and Captain Hook come from)and it keeps you laughing until the end (Monica and Ross going to the trash to get the Geller Cup).
  • Well what can I say about this episode?

    This Episode is amazing! It is one of my favourites...I think it is in my top ern episodes of FRIENDS that how good it really is! Well, in this episode the gang are so, so funny; Chandler - Funny as always, he has some great lines in the episode.
    Phoebe - She has her first touchdown ever! The scene with her first touchdown is very funny.
    Joey - He thinks the Neverlands is a made up place...Lets just leave it at that lol.
    Rachel - She works on Mondays so she cant join the football league, lol.
    Monica - Is so, so funny in this episode, her and Ross stand out the most.
    Ross - Like I said before Ross and Monica stand out the most. They are really funny. I could watch this episode again and again, it is that good.
  • Another great Thanksgiving episode

    I have to say, the "Friends" Thanksgiving epsiodes are some of my favorites, and this one is at the top of the list. I love episodes that focus on the sibling rivalry between (or nerdiness of) Ross and Monica, and "The One With the Football" does not disappoint. Deciding to take a break from preparing their Thanksgiving feast, the gang goes out to play some football. Initially, Ross and Monica decline, saying that they've been banned from playing football by their parents. Apparently, every Thanksgiving they used to have a football game called the "Geller Bowl", and Monica broke Ross's nose one year. As a result, their father threw their "trophy" in the lake, and forbade them from playing ever again. The gang finally wears them down and Ross and Monica, of course, turn out to be extemely competitive. The arguments that take place between them and other members of the group are really hilarious. This episode is definitely one of the best, as far as I'm concerned.
  • Emotions become this feast in this very special Friends episode.

    The Friends celebrate thanksgiving with a light game of Football - but things soon turn ugly as the game sparks up some bad memories from Monica and Ross's pasts.

    The competitive two find the most ridiculous ways to win points just so that at the end of the day then can say 'We won'!

    Probably the first episode that spent the majority of filming outside - this must of taken a lot of time to build the set and make the writing clever to make it seem realistic.

    But as always, our classic Friends remind us just how much we love the show.
  • The greatest of all the Thanksgiving episodes!

    In 10 years of "Friends," the greatest tradition of holiday episodes is by far Thanksgiving...and in 10 different Thanksgiving episodes, this one is the best! While watching the NFL Thanksgiving Day football game, the gang decides to head on down to the park for a little 3-on-3 tag football. But, of course, things don't turn out as fun as they were supposed to be. The game re-sparks a long-lost rivalry between Ross and Monica, which puts the two at each other's throats throughout the course of the game. Joey and Chandler battle it out to see who can impress an on-watching hot Dutch girl more, Phoebe is overly excited to be playing football for the first time, and Rachel's initial excitement to play turns into regret when the gang realizes that she just flat out sucks. But there's more at stake than who wins the Dutch girl and the game, as Monica unveils to Ross that the winner gets the long-lost Gellar Cup...which turns out to be a troll doll nailed to a 2 X 4! A fantastic episode combines the gang's physical strength, hot Dutch girls, sibling rivalries, flashing, an ultimate battle of the sexes showdown, and another Thanksgiving disaster!
  • This is the funniest episode ever .

    It all started when Monica and Ross where little they had football contests during Thanks giving . And they would win this ugly trophy with a troll on it . And one thanks giving Monica and Ross went too far so there dad took it away amd said that he threw it away but Monica had kept it . So she re challenged Ross so they made too groups girls . In in this episode there is a part where Phoebe flashes chandler just get the ball and Rachel can't catch but she finally does in the end and panics and goes out of the park and makes a touch down . And theres also a part where Ross and Monica are fighting for the win and Monica goes " leave me alone i'm a tiny little women " ! !
  • This episode was just one of my all time favorites.

    This episode was just one of my all time favorites. I think that the comedy in this episode was just great. I loved the fued between Joey and Chandler and the fued between Monica and Rose. I loved the football part of this episode i mean when it was the girls vs the guys. I loved when Chandler tried to get past Pheobe and she flashed him i mean the was pure comedy. The fued between Chandler and Joey was so great and i am happy that Chandler won the girl ever nkowing that he was going to blow it. It was just one of the reasons i watched the show.
  • This is the best Thanksgiving episode.

    This is the best Thanksgiving episode.
    This episode is great in showing the sibling rivalry between Monica and Ross. It helps to portray their relationship and gives you an insight into their relationship when they were growing up.
    The rivalry between Chandler and Joey was also good to watch. It was good that Chandler actually won (even if he blew it) because Joey always wins when it comes to the ladies, so it was a good turnaround.
    This episode is funny all the way through, but it gets even funnier when the teams change to girls vs boys, because its a battle to see who is better, girls or boys.
    This is probably the best episode of season 3 and one of the best overall.
  • One of the best Thanksgiving Day episodes.

    The rivalry between the Geller siblings becomes the story of the day on the very special Thanksgiving Day episode. We get to see just how far away are the siblings ready to go to win the weird Geller statue from their past.

    While playing with the others, Chandler and Joey are fighting for the attention of a hot foreign lady, but their personalities could make the lady give up on both of them.

    Rachel and Phoebe, who don't know how to play football, so their no-experience is very funny. The entire football match is really great, especially when Phoebe uses her sexy body to get what she wants.

    Anway, this is a reaaaaly great episode, one of the best Thanksgiving episodes of "Friends".
  • Very eventful and it shows alot about Monica and Ross' past with their fighting.

    This episode is one of my favorites because it has everything you could ask for in an episode. It has Monica and Ross showing their competitive nature, Joey and Chandler fighting over a girl and she doesn't even end up with one of them and then you have Pheobe the persons who has never played football, and Rachel the girl who can't catch anything. If they had the episode without all the fighting it would have been crap b/c it is the best part. Ross and Monica have had this rivalry for years when they play football or anything. Since Joey always gets the girl he figured he could get the girl but Chandler wins and she picks him and Joey better get some tips on his geography and culture from Ross or Chandler. Since Chandler ruined it for Joey, Joey decided to ruin it for Chandler with their fighting and then neither of them got the girl. Since it was Pheobe's first time playing football she was excited yet she didn't do a good job. Except when her touchdown didn't count because the timer went. Rachel on the other hand can't catch anything or throw or play that well so she does all this stuff while the game is going on. When she finally catches the ball she misses the touchdown area and Monica and Ross fight over the ball like they used to. All in all this episode is amazingly awesome and I wouldn't change anything about it
  • Good episode that showed the group playing a simple game

    Really highlighted the strengths of each character, as well as the show overall. Joey and Chandler fighting over a lady, Monica and Ross' sibling rivalry, Phoebe's football strategy, Rachel's almost winning the game in a surprising twist. It was a really powerful episode.
  • An otherwise typical Thanksgiving Day, complete with serious sibling rivalry, both real and imagined, between Ross and Monica and Chandler and Joey. Very well done!

    I was visiting my hospitalized father in New England, and had come back to the hotel with take-out food and a large "woe is me" attitude. Not expecting much, I watched this "Friends" episode, and I'm glad I did. Not many shows are laugh-out-loud hilarious, but this episode was a gem. I snorted soda through my nose during the touch-football scenes where Phoebe exposed herself to Chandler (with some success). It was all so lighthearted and utterly silly, it took my mind off my problems for the time it ran. I found the Joey/Chandler "who gets the girl?" sub-plot a bit tedious, but thanks to TiVo today, one can fast-forward through that part. Those scenes somehow had a "been there, done that" feel to them. I even went out and bought the entire season's DVD when it came out so that I could replay this episode when I'm feeling blah.
  • 309

    One of the best episodes of the entire series, although the plot wasn't huge: Just a couple friends playing football, it was some of the best writing I've seen in a while. I really do have to commend Ira Ungerleider here, she wrote this episode perfectly.

    I wouldn't call this episode underrated but it definitely deserves some more recognition. This episode kept me intrigued throughout the whole thing, not to mention it was funny. The classic Ross vs. Monica sibling rivalry was hilarious.

    It was also great aftermath after the Chandler & Janice fallout, considering any scenes between them this season were dreadful. Rachel was the one that stole the show here though. From her going "really long" to her making the touchdown in the end, she was really great here.

    The end was pretty funny and it was a perfect conclusion, it still leaves the fans debating on who really won the football game and who was in the wrong there. Great episode of Friends, instant classic.
  • Perfect

    The One with the Football is the best Friends episode. It describes how Ross and Monica are fighting which is the best part of the episode. The great camera shots also make this a great episode. The only flaw in the episode however is the Dutch girl. Instead of using that character, they should of used that time used for the Dutch girl to use to make the main conflict better between Ross and Monica. The idea of Rachel being bad was great. Also when she threw the football right into Monica's head. And when Phoebe flashed Chandler. And when Ross was charging towards Monica at the end. It was a GREAT EPISODE!
  • "I'm sorry, Dutch, I didn't catch that last part?"-Joey

    Emotions become the feast of the day when the gang plays a game of touch football on Thanksgiving as Joey and Chandler argue over who gets to date a model and Ross and Monica argue over winning in a case of sibling rivalry. This episode is just legendary, I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire episode, it was just full of classic quotes including one of my favourite ones which is:

    Monica: Losers walk.
    Ross: Yeah? Losers talk.
    Chandler: No, no, no. Actually, losers rhyme.

    Its great I always laugh at that, I also like the the part where there playing football and the sports music comes on the whole scene is laugh out load funny.
  • Definately a favorite!

    Of all of the amazing episodes of Friends, this is definately one of my favorites. The Thanksgiving episodes were always among my favorite episodes of each season, and this is my favorite Thanksgiving episode. I think this episode was hilarious. I was laughing uncontrollably when Phoebe pulled up her shirt to distract Chandler. I think Jennifer did a great job with Rachel's fear/lack of knowledge about football. It was really funny. I was glad to see Chandler get the girl over Joey for once, because it bothers me how much they pick on him, and how little they pick on Joey. I thought it was really funny that Joey thought the girl had two names. I think Courteney was at the top of her game in the third season, and this episode really showed her and David (who was amazing each and every season, IMO) off really well. I really enjoyed seeing how competitive they are and learning about the Geller cup. I also laughed really hard when Rachel and Pheobe didn't understand that that Joey and Chandler were talking about the NFL, and considered playing. I about died when Rachel said "I have work Monday nights". With Thanksgiving coming up, I'm so excited about watching all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes again. This is definately one of the funniest episodes of the entire series.