Season 3 Episode 9

The One with the Football

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1996 on NBC

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  • This is the best Thanksgiving episode.

    This is the best Thanksgiving episode.
    This episode is great in showing the sibling rivalry between Monica and Ross. It helps to portray their relationship and gives you an insight into their relationship when they were growing up.
    The rivalry between Chandler and Joey was also good to watch. It was good that Chandler actually won (even if he blew it) because Joey always wins when it comes to the ladies, so it was a good turnaround.
    This episode is funny all the way through, but it gets even funnier when the teams change to girls vs boys, because its a battle to see who is better, girls or boys.
    This is probably the best episode of season 3 and one of the best overall.